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[Nettime-bold] De Appel (Amsterdam): CINEMA SOUNDS SYNERGY

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Roy Villevoye/Jan Dietvorst / Stephen Vitiello / Golden Masters
04.05 - 31.05 / Opening 3 mei 18.00 - 20.00 uur

CINEMA: 'us/them', Roy Villevoye/Jan Dietvorst
Two Asmat brothers, who are acquainted with the film makers and whom they
paid a visit in Asmat (Papua), travel - for the first time - together with
them to the Netherlands. The makers wanted to present this journey in real
time. Roy Villevoye: "There is no dramatic plot, there is no explanation or
clarification. Without restrictions scences from Papua and the Netherlands
are being mixed. From this montage of impressions, acts, faces and
situations an image appears that is complex and simple as well. Us/them
handles about live on earth".

'us/them', 2001 had its preview in Kriterion, Amsterdam.

SOUNDS: Humming Bird Feeder, Stephen Vitiello, 2001
Eight speakers produce sounds of birds eating, landing and flying away. The
experience of this soundpiece is intensified by blue and green light.
Humming Bird Feeder was created as a reaction to the 11th of September.
Vitiello is interested in the physicality of sound and its potential to
define the shape, feel and color of a room. He is also interested in
exploring how people receive sound and to what extent he can create a work,
with no visual component, and offer an environment in which the audience
will be enticed into listening with the same attention that they would give
to a visual or audiovisual work.

Stephen Vitiello: "Humming Bird Feeder was created in the weeks after
September 11, 2001. It was originally presented as a companion piece to
World Trade Center Recordings: Winds after Hurricane Floyd at the NYC sound
gallery, Diapason in October 2001. Diapason has two spaces, one very large,
the other is small. In the large space, we had agreed to present a field
recording I made in 1999 from the 91st floor of the World Trade Center. The
recording is straight to tape, without editing or processing. Two contact
mics had been placed on the windows of my studio picking up the sound of
the building swaying in the winds. Passing planes are also audible. When
the World Trade was destroyed, I was living a handful of blocks away with
my wife and baby daughter.  In late September, just before the Diapason
show, we took a trip to the mid-West to escape the noise, dirt and dust as
well as the sadness in the city. I brought along a pair of contact
microphones that I attached to birdhouses in a family member's yard. The
sounds are of the birds landing on the birdhouses, eating, moving their
food around, flying away. As opposed to the WTC recordings which have been
untouched, the HBF piece goes in and out of being processed through my
laptop computer. The bird sounds become a launching pad from which I can
enter into a less real sound environment. The piece is meant to be about a
much more personal space and frame of mind, as opposed to the very public,
now historic reference to the World Trade Center".

SYNERGY: Golden Masters, 'Big Mag Space Model, Minijack 02'
In their research for origins of the creative graphic process Harmen
Liemburg and Richard Niessen (Golden Masters) got interested in the process
that takes place between the so called in - and output. To map the events
influencing these transformations  they designed Jack Model 12.0. The
adapted model 13.0 is being projected on the wall of the Synergy room to
present, in their words, "an imaginary cartography from the time before the
Great explorers". Golden Masters invited 16 artists to make a contribution
to the space, the field of influence in which the process takes place.

Participants: Persijn Broersen/ Margit Luk醕s - Ruben van Gogh -
Designpolitie - Richard Janssen - Geerten Verheus - Maria Barnas - Samuel
Vriezen - GM - Johannes Schwartz - Sub Office - Jennifer Tee - Raf Snippe -
Jodi - Annelys de Vet - Thomas van Aalten - Jeroen Jongeleen.

Opening 3 mei 6 - 8 pm / Also with a performance of the score by Samuel

Stichting De Appel, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10
NL - 1017 DE Amsterdam,
tel ++31-20-625 56 51 fax 622 52 15
Tuesday through Sunday 11-18 hrs

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