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[Nettime-bold] subREAL' latest

subREAL continues its project "Interviewing The Cities" in Stockholm, using the 
opportunity of a residency at IASPIS. 

Based on a paradigm extracted form technical photography and aiming at drawing 
a subjective scan of art-&-society in large urban 
agglomerations, "Interviewing..." is an on-going discourse that could be 
described as documentary photography cum performance. After thorough 
explorations of Vienna, Amsterdam, Helsinki, and quick inspections of Turku, 
Montreal, Strasbourg, subREAL is offering to those happening to be around some 
samples of their Stockholm experience.
Publication available.

Where: IASPIS gallery, Fredsgatan 12, Stockholm 
When: April 18 - March 19
How: Tue-Fri 11 am - 5 pm; Sat-Sun noon-4 pm.
More on the project:

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