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[Nettime-bold] SATURDAY Broad Cast

Title: SATURDAY Broad Cast
dear friends

Here are some more details about Broad Cast, an afternoon of live-broadcast audio work at the Cubitt on may 25th, programmed by anthony iles and craig martin, 2-8 pm, during which  msdm will launch the audio sublabel plateAudio.

Broad Cast is part of SATURDAY, a series of  events hapenning every saturday from April through June at Cubitt
8 Angel Mews, N1;
Attached you will find the full programme, starting this Saturday, april 27th.

Hope to see you there

very best,
paula roush

Within the scope of the sublabel plateAudio, msdm has created a platform for the release of sound work by artists from varied backgrounds, from visual arts, electronic music, and dj to activism, all oriented towards the creation of experimental sound environments, by the use of digital sampling, web streaming, pirate radio, avant-pop & latin click-hop.


For the project SATURDAY / Broad Cast ( Cubitt , london, may 25th) the sound pieces will be presented within a modular space where the audio files will be available for free play by the visitor. It will coincide with the first phase of the project, and the launch of 5 projects by artists and musicians: paula roush , pelado, Šinhabit (janine & leif rostron-liebenshtz), sally chapman and simon richardson and sasha costanza-chock.





paula roush: genetic silence

genetic silence total time : 4:10+25:17+4:24+6:10 recorded, edited & mixed: paula roush, published: msdm/ plateAudio

composed & produced for the genetic noise tour / the living art museum , reykjavik during which the patent van moved throughout the city's genetic labs, streaming the tour live to the museum.
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paula roush + pelado: unproductive transmissions

total time : 4:24 + 6:56 composed: paula roush+pelado,  recorded, edited & mixed: pelado, published: msdm/ plateAudio

domestic broadcast on microradio fm: two tracks recorded during the process of transmitting & receiving sounds from the digital domain via radio frequencies.


sally chapman with simon richardson : bird island

total time : 2:07+1:49+2:25+3:33+3:21, voices, text & concept: sally chapman guitar/ keyboard/ engineering: simon richardson all music written & recorded: chapman/richardson, published: msdm/ plateAudio

Bird Island is about intimacy and the need for it. The writings are performed within an intuitive and lightly worked musical construction. The piece is a collaboration between artists Sally Chapman ( text and vocal) and Simon Richardson ( guitar and sampler). They are not perfect therefore truly romantic. Both artists live and work in Glasgow, Duke street. Bird Island was conceived and created for polyphony, living art museum, Reykjavik




sasha costanza-chock /splice: suena mi barrio

total time : 2:17+3:16+5:33+1:14+4:29+0:13+4:39+2:59, selections from the project produced by sasha costanza-chock with the young people from san juan, ,puerto rico, published: msdm/ plateAudio

/splice produced an audio voyage through the 'comunidades especiales' or low-income neighborhoods of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The premise, a search: the city-body is ill; the remedies lie in the barrios that are its true heart and soul. The production involved dozens of children, teenagers, and young adults from ten different areas of the city in the creation of audio pieces that range from found sound collage to hard hip-hop, reggaeton (puertorican dancehall) to acapella poetry. A CD including all pieces was pressed and distributed free to all workshop participants and community centers. A selection is being re-issued now for msdm.
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Šinhabit : bullet

total time: 23m , composed and produced: janine & leif, Šinhabit Berlin, published: msdm/ plateAudio

Bullet is a 23 minute track written and performed by Janine & Leif, recorded by Šinhabit Berlin. The composition of Bullet references the lonely western song of guitar and vocals, and through the use of electronics its structure and sound mutates into a melancholic song of contemporary conflict.

Šinhabit is a cultural production label that initiates cultural projects and productions. Through a cross-over philosophy Šinhabit promotes and produces New Music, POP (political orientated projects), FATe-fashion and "eclectic dialogs" with independent cultural actors.

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