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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> apres moi le digest

the truth is

french left electors said :
"Jojo, we first send you a message"
then we will vote for you as president.

the truth is :
Louis XIV revoqua l'Edit de Nantes.
c'est pas pour se laisser emmerder par un protestant.

the truth is :
this is the only way to get rid of the right wing !

the truth is :
the workers don't vote Socialist.
the workers don't vote Trotskist
the workers vote Popular

the truth is :
Le Pen was very clever and obvious in his campaign.
1-/ The guy was sympathetic, making a good and funny show, joking on stage,
dancing, ...
2-/ and he took care to let Megret manage the extra hard wing of Front
National. Thus, Megret is now the Evil, and Le Pen the cool guy.

the truth is :
french people dream of a rough Bush guy to prick up the nation !

 vous Cognc Jay !

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> The first thing is that many of the candidates scored more or less the
> share of the vote as last time in 1995. Except that Jospin lost a few
> points and Le Pen gained a few (but less).
> There is little doubt that Jospin lost it. Some say because the left vote
> was split between too many runners, but the right was also split and the
> far left didn't do any better this time (the communists did worse). More
> plausibly, the French have seen through the non-socialist centrist
> of the Jospin government that brought Blair to power and so far have kept
> him there. Jospin is a dreary prolitician. He would have been the first
> protestant head of state since Henri IV, if he had made it. But religion
> couldn't be the cause, since he got five more points last time.
> 58% of voters in the exit poll listed "insecurity" as the chief influence
> on their vote. The left has little to say about security and there is no
> doubt that it was the dominant campaign issue, post 9-11. This overall
> is above all nationalist. If people are feeling that the world is running
> away from them, they want to shore up their Frenchness somehow and Le Pen,
> plus the republican right in general, plays into that feeling more
> effectively than the left.
> Liberation reports demonstrations already taken place and planned. the
> slogan is votez escroc, pas facho -- vote for the crook, not the fascist.
> I really doubt if we are on the brink of civil war here. The elections for
> the assembly are after the presidential election is over and it will be
> interesting to see how they play out following this shock. Jospin has
> retired from political life. It is is a chance for the organised left to
> regroup. Quite a few people will want to limit the powers of the crook who
> finds himself president after achieving one fifth of the votes of the
> round, exactly the same as in 1995.
> The wider implications of this vote consist in the rising tide of
> nationalism and anti-immigrant feeling in much of Europe, as governments
> take advantage of Bush's lead to screw up the levers of the security state
> and Europeans legitimately worry about whether they have got their act
> together sufficiently to survive the turbulence of this world.
> Keith Hart
> Paris
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