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Dear all

Personally I'd have called this journal Perspectives on
Human Evil and Wickedness (PHEW). An opportunity
missed in my opinion. Anyhow, this seems a timely
opportunity to reason about Terrorism.

Best wishes

Chris P


Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness  (PEHW)
ISSN: 1471-5597
Volume 2. : July 2002  (themed issue:  Terrorism)

Please be advised that the due date has been changed to May 15.

Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness publishes scholarly and
creative work, personal reflections, and practitioners' accounts
relating to classifying, defining, and probing different aspects of
evil. It aims to shed light on the genesis and manifestations of evil as
well as on the diverse angles from which humans can understand, tackle,
surmount, or come to terms with it. Perspectives on Evil and Human
Wickedness does not espouse any ideological viewpoint or favor any
specific theoretical framework, but interrogates a plurality of
perspectives aimed at advancing research on this topic.

Submissions are sought for the July 2002 volume to be devoted entirely
to the theme of terrorism. The volume hopes to present a panoply of
possible angles from which to engage this topic.  A wide array of
relevant theoretical, critical and professional perspectives is,
therefore, encouraged.  Of most interest will be contributions that add
to, alter and/or deepen, our current understanding of the phenomenon of

Topics may include:

Labels and Definition(s)
Binary thinking and cultural stereotypes in the discourse on terrorism
Manichean visions of good and evil
Clash of civilizations scenarios
Leitmotifs, imagery and rhetoric in the political discourse on terrorism
Globalized terror
Jihad and Islamic fundamentalism
Terrorism and Late Capitalism
Gendering terrorism
Cyber terrorism
Virtual terrorism in film
Terrorism in the media
Religious/philosophical/historical/legal perspectives on terrorism
Socio-political analysis of root causes

The first volume of this e-journal is available at: (vol #1) (main ejournal page)

For further details and information regarding the upcoming issue, please
contact Rob Fisher at
or Salwa Ghaly at

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