Kenji Siratori on Mon, 22 Apr 2002 13:45:01 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Exit

the cadaver city where the cell of the heart that the drug that gathers the
thalidomidic shell of the sun throb loop eye in the future that was abused
the cosmic love of the womb that desert was suspended to the anus of the
sterility of the wolf that scrap empty orgasm of a chromosome to the skull
of the crazy madman of 0 mile of an ant with me who murder the wave of the
larva of the clone to the violent emotion that was forged short of DIGITAL
that makes the over there of the nightmare to the nude eyeball of the
drug*area the desire that hung the fatalities the cadaver city
where**overflow**to the hearing organ that waves the earth where does my
body sonic to the localization of thinking to the cyber that I was raped
wolf of blood that turned pale to the lewd naked body of the drug that I
smuggle all the nerves that recured to my embryo whirls sun of zero=of=the
parasite abnormal living body of the light in the moon to lining cloth LOAD
the pierrot of treachery to stab the gene of love into the joke of the
previous world that act: I died to my empty body organ previous sun
target=fatalities desire through the membrane of Level0 of a cell spit
cannibal race=of=danced in technologic street! as for the antifaustic clone
of the earth area the spiral that able to ride to the breakdown of true f/0
that is infectious in the suspension area of the emotional particle quark of
the cyber*embryo and reverse that cell to the exercise of the ant lion of
the universe is a rhinoceros bar god? is the DNA the optimistic=visibility
of BABEL? the food racial=sun of the cell that blinks to the cadaver of god!
to your brain the chaosmic body organ of the digital=vampire resuscitate!
plug to road of the storage corpse of a dog the severe shock and the love in
the last term of an embryo clonic different vital VTR that ADAM instigates
the horizon of the chromosome the tactile sense to the brain universe that
was broken the larva of the mirror image of the chaos that projects the
independent position target=war of the human body earth area=of=the
murderous internal organ of the blue sky that is parasitic on the interlude
area my body the chromosome=world of the disillusionment--

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