porculus on Sun, 21 Apr 2002 22:44:01 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] catastrophe Ó la franšaise

befor i be quite drunk, cause it's a bit hard to be a sober french tonight, some words, it seems it's this fucking front national that would be with chirac in the second french presidential round, nobody here had predicted this badest political trick since..i prefer to not think of that..a chirac super dull idiot cretinous cynical bush like, with a jean marie whom talent, cause he have evident political talent, as all succeded fascist could have, a sharon like..cause yes after all the main loser are the emigrants, yes the arabs, yes cause this succeded campagne for security have been a racist one, i never heard so much latent racist expression in fance, never, and as a campagne for security and white froggy doderer power become something as with more ROI than pornographie+pedophilia together added here, be sure the media had dealy bugged us with, dealy, as a business, i bet tomorow some peugeot renault advertisment could be 'buy one, you could have some chance to crushed the arabs who stol your caradio last year'..merde after berlusconi c'est la honte, yes cause now dont say 'shame', but la honte, it's far more classy, c'est la derniŔre mode, c'est franšais, c'est la honte