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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> RE: RHIZOME_RAW: GENERATION FLASH (2 / 3)

> It is common among many animals, and birds in particular, that the
> specimens with the greatest superficial beauty are the most likely to
> procreate. Often this beauty is tied to it's physical health (symmetry,
> size, etc), but often beauty is just beauty. Darwinism does not solely
> produce structures of functional value.

would you mean the baboon showing a red ass to a panther show in the same
way its courage to an eventual sex baboun partner, courage as the expression
of its gene capital additionned by the fact that at the same time showing
its scorn to the predator in the expression of its red ass, it diverts the
panther from the logical hunt it must give to the weaks, i.e. the futur
youngs he will have, and terminal the human hidden in a tree,
alone real aware witness of this ignominy, call 'beauty' this two
understanding of the red ass which he is safe : i.e coward himself maybe but
thanks to god red ass free..so at last i wonder if flash is not baboon
coded..i must say my life completely changed when young i read the phillip
jose farmer's short story where he explain why the neanderthal have
disapeared ; because he had a far greater sex appeal than modern human, so
why the enraged war of extermination that succeded, explication that is
evident & quite certain for me, but he explain some neanderthals are still
living, hidden, for not waking up the criminal jealousy of these ganz
psychopath modern human, but searching in secret how to find the critical
succes factor that will give their complet revenge, and it's flash of
course..so modern male humans listen, if the html 2 or 3 weeks pills
enlargement dont work at all perhaps 4 ou 5 weeks flash pills could, or not,
but so what, after all it would be only as usual, and then disapointed once
in more you could say 'the only art is to try'

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