Gita Hashemi on Sat, 20 Apr 2002 07:14:02 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Re: New beginnings begin by deciding

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At 10:03 PM +0200 4/18/02, Rob Van Kranenburg wrote:
>New beginnings begin by deciding,
>deciding who is the real and who is the absolute enemy. At the moment
>positions are mirrors and mirroring.
>According to Carl Schmitt, the absolute enemy is the 'eigene Frage als
>The most intense question now is place over time, on both sides as one:
>take a stand, my friend. The very embodiment of this most intense
>question, what is that but time over space: the Wanderer, but hey!
>"Who's that white boy over there?
>with a feather in his hair?
>He must be new cause he ain't from here."(singing Jason Downs)
>The very embodiment of this most intense question, what is that but time
>over space: the Wanderer, and this absolute enemy is momentarily projected
>onto and is disguised as the real enemy. Once again the real and absolute
>enemy coincide. On both sides and as one.
>Nice lines! What do they do? Well, I can make them move a little, a
>little a lot. I breathe into my lines and sit back and wait. Wait to watch
>them come alive, watch them come alive, watch them come, alive
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