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Title: Successful Insurance Selling Systems

"How to Succeed Selling Life Insurance..." - Sales Kit
"How to Succeed Selling Life Insurance
in Spite of Being a Nice Person"

Attention new and experienced Life Insurance Agents!! Powerful and innovative step-by-step guide to a six-figure income without working more. A very successful Life Insurance agent shows you EXACTLY what to do, what to say, and how to think, to close more, and higher premium, sales!

The Sales Kit includes:

1. The Book: "How to Succeed Selling Life Insurance in Spite of Being a Nice Person"

2. The Cassette: Recorded live, appointment setting calls to real clients.

3. The CD: Secret letters and forms ready to click-and-print.

4. The Video: Over 3 hours videotaped sessions where the author, a successful agent herself, presents, explains, and SELLS a Universal Life policy to REAL clients.

InsuranceIQ Price: $140.00

The Ultimate Annuity Selling System
Are you really serious about making a lot of money? Are you tired of hoping that your only two "serious" appointments for the month pan out?

You need something unique to attract and seize accounts from the "other guy." The clients will keep their assets right where they’re at if you don’t have an innovative, "unique," and logical battle plan for their portfolio and their future.

The seniors have heard it all before! Let me say again. The seniors have thought they heard it all before. Think about it! How many other agents have your marketing plan or communicate the identical subject matter to the public within your state? You can say thousands (conservatively). The seniors are bored of the same "old pitch." And if they hear the same "old pitch" from you, there is a high probability they will have a negative connotation towards your ideas or products, and you will be "dead in the water."

If you want to be an annuity "super producer," then you're going to need more than a fantastic marketing plan—you're going to need an entirely different approach. You're going to need the combination of three very important marketing tools found in The Ultimate Annuity Selling System to make it all happen.

InsuranceIQ Price: $399.45

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