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[Nettime-bold] April fAf: Choy Kok Kee in fAf's Gallery

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MEDIA Release
For Immediate Release
Monday, 15 April 2002

Singapore's first IT artist on fineArt forum's gallery

fineArt forum's April gallery features Choy Kok Kee's work 'y2kvirus' and 
'stressbox', both part of the 'T2000' collective. T2000 is a new generation 
digital artwork based on the concept of stability and disturbance. The user 
is encouraged to interact with the works, both endowed with a sense of 
virtual intelligence which respond to changes in the environment when the 
user enters into the threshold of the virtual space.

The Singapore Straits Times described Choy's 'T2000' as Singapore's first 
"IT-art installation... dealing with the way that the individual controls 
technology or perhaps the extent to which technology controls the 
"The audience/user stimulates and destabilizes the environment from a 
normal relaxed undulation to excited rapid palpitation. It is only when the 
audience/user leaves that environment space it returns to its usual 
tranquil undulating state, as if awaiting the next round of confrontation," 
says Choy, who studied at the renowned Lansdown Centre of Electronic Arts, 
Middlesex University, London.

Choy's work was exhibited in the Interactive Media Art section for Nokia 
Singapore Art 1999. He was also invited by the Infocomm Development 
Authority Singapore to showcase at Efestival Asia 2000 and represent at the 
Museum Festival 2001 - IT Innovation at the Parco. Choy's works date back 
to 1974, when he first started his artistic endeavor and he has won 
numerous art awards in the local and foreign arena.

"We are especially pleased to launch Choy's landmark work on fAf's gallery. 
fAf constantly strives to spearhead new works on our site. His piece is a 
prime example especially since this is a pioneer 'interactive' artpiece 
developed for the web. Its not often, the user is given the opportunity to 
interact and react with a piece," said fAf Editor-in-Chief Nisar Keshvani.

The April edition is a double bonus as it marks the launch of fAf's new 
Arts Resources section - a guide to Art, Science, Technology online. 
Developed by Queensland University of Technology student, Fabia Sugandy, 
the section cuts across the depth of material currently available in the 
new media art field.

  "Through 2001, I scoured the World Wide Web, reading link after link, and 
systematically developed a substantial resources section. Our aim was to 
develop a one-stop section not for the professional, but a newcomer to the 
field. Since it is geographically classified, the resource caters to a 
broad audience especially," said Sugandy.

Adds Australian editor Linda Carroli: "fAf's Arts Resource focuses on 
associated communities that have developed and evolved through the years. 
It also attempts to be a platform for emerging new media communities who 
are joining the online arts community for the first time."

In our text section this month - Anne Swartz profiles American artist Alan 
Schechner whose work addresses the Holocaust. From Singapore's NAC, Susan 
Loh reflects on a decade of nurturing the arts and Selma Stern returns with 
more information about Droit de Suite, artist resale rights. In reviews, 
Shu Min Heng is pleasantly surprised by Takahiko Iimura's interactive 
CD-Rom AIUEONN Six Features, Scott Esdaile takes a walk through the woods 
of Mez's The Net.Wurk Series:: _][ad][Dressed in a Skin C.ode_ and Mia 
Thornton wanders through 'The Anne Show', the first presented at Brisbane's 
Institute of Modern Art's new premises. Also, fAf has compiled a selection 
of announcements, calls for action and cultural news from and about Palestine.

Launched in 1987, fAf is the pioneer online news service dedicated to the 
provision of news and information for the global arts and technology 
community. It aims to keep its readers informed of achievements, 
developments and opportunities relevant to the new media arts community. It 
can be viewed at


For further information:
Nisar Keshvani, Editor-in-Chief, fineArt forum

"fineArt forum online has been assisted by the Commonwealth Government 
through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body."

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