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[Nettime-bold] RE: <nettime> RE: RHIZOME_RAW: GENERATION FLASH (2 / 3)

> Flash is what we would have if Darwinism was about
> looks rather than about ability.

Darwinism does not solely
produce structures of functional value.

Don't hold back. Darwinism and most Evolutionary theories in the last 100 years or so, agree. The better it LOOKS to the opposite sex, the more likely it's gonna spread those genes. (Ever seen those monkeys with neon pink genitals? It pays to advertise!) That's all there is to it.

Ability NEVER even enters the picture. People may even memorize this idea but won't let go of the old puritanical concepts. Ability has absolutely NO, ZERO, ZILCH value to evolution. I think you (Chris) were saying [not always] but go right ahead and say "only accidentally in weird freak cases".

Flash (the name says it all!) Maybe the new version is easier to use. But it's just ONE lousy product. Not like it'll make any difference in anybody's life in twenty years. Ok the vast number of untalented, uncreative Flash designers make the web look like a really tacky coloring book. But if there was no Flash, these people would still exist and the web would still look like some other drop down menu option.

Laziness is NOT some new bizarre phenomenon. The web was like that 10 years ago and will be the same in 10 years. Flash is a fading trend. Java was an even more severe trend for a few years after it came out. Most people are just plain trendy and the web is only one place for it. Let's make better looking junk mail too, while we're at it. All you can do is keep trying to improve your own work. You can't reverse engineer a mass of uncreative people to suddenly be creative.

Point is, what do we make (with or without Flash) DESPITE Flash. Make something so people never even consider the materials. Though it's absolutely true that Flash is limited in SO many ways, this assumes the tool before the problem. "I have Flash open and now will try this ..." Use Flash when there's some problem Flash is a good tool for, otherwise leave it in a drawer and use something else.



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