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[Nettime-bold] c o a l i t i o n - against hate online and racism anywhere

 A call from Lewisham, via Toronto, April 02
 Coalition is a book length site to be copublished by Thirdnet Publishing (UK 
 and Canada) and the Centre for Urban and Community Research at  Goldsmiths College, University of London.
 Coalition analyses the extent and impact 
of hate sites online, provides resources 
for community in Lewisham woven through 
local memories of Carribean settlement 
1950s-, and remembers Stephen Lawrence and 
a long battle for social justice against institutional racism in London. 
The book speaks to local concerns in 
Lewisham which have correspondances elsewhere
across our Coalition
seeks affinities across and in spite of the 
process of globalisation.
Contributions from anti-racist feminism are
needed to respond to our call, and to help
remember all of our struggles in all of 
our places and to assert common knowledge 
over institutionalised ignorance.

Contributors include: Joan Anim-Addo, Paul 
Gilroy, Stuart Hall, Lachlan Brown, Les Back,
 Ben Gidley, Michael Keith, John Solomos, Ken 
McVay, and many more.
 Please contact for information or if you have a proposal for
 consideration in the book.
Lachlan Brown

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