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ARTEMISIA GALLERY ... 700 N. Carpenter
Chicago, Illinois 60660
ph:  312 / 226-7232  ...  fx:  312 / 226-7756


Main GalleryFRANK  BORN   (Painting)
San Francisco artist Frank Born makes narrative paintings in which lean and spare figures occupy a psychological landscape.  Born's work distills and expands the understanding of universally experienced human emotions; loss, suffering, joy, yearning...the way we anticipate, hesitate and often miss the moment to communicate.  The honest and direct personal expression in these paintings invites the viewer to enter into an at-times alienated, but often reflective, world, and recognize it as our own.

Gallery ACARA  JAYE  (Mixed Media Photography)
 Acting as both artist and model, Washington artist Carla Jaye explores the image of the nude female through her combined media works.  Jaye mixes photographic processes, drawing, painting, stitching, and collage.  Incorporating winged figures, birds, insects, and domestic settings and activities, Jaye explores the theme of polarities; the beautiful and the grotesque, flying and falling, creating and destroying.

Gallery BLAURIE  ELIZABETH  TALBOT  HALL  (Installation / Photo)
Laurie Elizabeth Talbot Hall addresses the dual nature of ordinary perceptions.  The rational and the magical are equally present in Talbot's view. The Iowa artist uses photography and installation to explore the imagery from dreams, day-dreams, and the spontaneous arisings of the mind. Hall believes that it is in these states that order and reason loosen their grip as the dominant organizing principle of the mind, allowing aesthetic resolutions to conflicts.

Gallery CALICE  SHADDLE   (Collage)
Chicago artist Alice Shaddle draws on landscape and its attendant issues as resource material for her collaged landscapes.   Weeds, brambles, voracious vines, leaves and trees, yield up images of looming figures and emerging faces.  Recently, Shaddle journeyed to southwestern Virginia to study the voracious vine known as cudweed.  Working in a process which echoes her subject, Shaddle transforms the picture plane bit by bit with organic and fantastic imagery.

Gallery D SARAH  CRISP  (Encaustic)
Sara Crisp works in the ancient medium of encaustic in which pigments and wax are fused by heat. The thin translucent layers are embedded with images of plants, insect forms, bones, and skulls.  Within each piece, Crisp layers some combination of letters, numbers, grids, and natural forms.  Through her work, the Maine artist selects and catalogues those small aspects of the natural world which intersect with the human-made domain of symbol and sign.

PRESS (definitely) INVITED!

For information or press packets, contact:
Tricia Alexander, Gallery Coordinator
312 / 226-7323