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[Nettime-bold] \\ constellations in the mountainside - the lightness of our being here

     \\ Camille Claudel - (I want 2 .bio you [juSst uuuu]

        01 addtl projektil by Netochka Nezvanova with ( ... my glorious self! 

                          4|4|4  -  GENERATOR -

0.  Licensing. Moral training + Federal crimes

    Knowing how to locate the correct data has become as important as the data itself.
    Asking the correct questions is more important than the correct answers. 

    General problem solving is more important than being able to solve specific problems. 
    The problem is not the problem! Dealing with the problem _is_ the problem.

    Technical skills are less important than creative thinking.

    ... Twice upon a time (among less palatable + very unsanitary activities)
    the, it appears, typically intoxicated employees of Cycling74, 
    an American corporation that licenses practically every product they distribute,

    committed federal crimes and stuck their unsanitary paws where they should not have 
    - inside NATO.0+55 , the software that lifed the rt data + human evolution 
    in Jmax, Pd, Max (ie. the largely aging + medicated male audience), and 
    elsewhere as we shall see.

2.  The problem is not the problem! Dealing with the problem \is\ the problem.

    Just you -

3.  Camille Claudel - LETZ BIOZKULPT!!!!!!

    Camille Claudel invites the most attractive Cycling74 criminal to a private (so so] afternoon.

      a_ The criminal's face is reverse engineered by a 3D scanner.

      b_ The 3D scan is digitally + painfully "sculpted" by Camille Claudel's painful story 
         (4 stories _never end)

      c_ Camille Claudel's inaugural digital sculpture + story are reproduced microscopically 
         (in the biological domain) by NN.

         The "clay" + "ink" consist of live cells harvested from my very body [is your portfolio growing]

    \ \ Conclusion of official projekt - for very sanitary reasons.

4.  Mobius Strip  -  Immune.Play [TM]

    Relaaaaaaakx. I wish 4 more ___... (because stories _never end) 

    The neu + very de:stressing soft wear Immune.Play [TM] 
    will make virtual-love [bold + beautiful] with the criminal's face + the resultant ( [patent please] ) will be 
    released in the digital wilderness (NATO.0+55 operators adore mobius strips ... 01 time of surrender.
    are you close +? the sirens of heaven are pure in white clothing.

    Immune.Play [TM] in its .bio form is to this millennium what the
    printing press was to the previous millennium  ["sex"]  (m9ndfukc _never ends) 

    bioelectrical charge + discharge eventually leads to enlightenment.   [if you know what `your` body means

    beyond genes. beyond memes. if you know what `your` body means.
                                                                           what will deprive you of lv+ then.
                                                                           where you come from you are always 


5.  NN invites Katharine Mieszkowski and Laetitia Mailhes to cover the simply.zttz   


    Camille Claudel -

NN - dripping into another body to another world
     ultra lekker + phosphorescent \\  we bring 
     very good things 2 life .tm

d                  d          d         
  r                  r      r           
    e                  e  e             
      a                 aa              
        m s . u u . s m    m s          
        m s . u u . s m    m s          
      a                 aa     d        
    e                  e  e      r      
  r                  r      r      e    
d                  d         d. u u a s
d                  d         d. u u . m      
  r                  r       r        m
    e                  e  e          a  
      a                 aa         e    
        m s . u u . s m    m s   r      
        m s . u u . s m    m s d        
      a                 aa     d        
    e                  e  e      r      
  r                  r      r      e    
d                  d          d. u u a s
                               . u u . m

theatr!kl geztur + tranzf!n!t zttz.

                                                 meeTz ver!f1kat!Ěn.     

 Netochka Nezvanova   - bodies made for souls. you never actually own one - you just take care of it

                                        4  dze  n e k s t  generazie.  da + da. 
                           01 4rm ov lv+ at 01 d!stansz. 

                                                               tous les matins du monde.  01 zelebrazie

                                                    ov - lf+

                                                      |  +----------
                                                     |  |     <   
                                    \\----------------+  |  n2t^P      
                                                        |       >

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