Renata Aquino on Thu, 18 Apr 2002 07:06:02 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Porto Alegre does it again

Hi all

I think some may recall World Social Forum, an event
that happened in Porto Alegre, Brazil in the beginning
of this year.

WSF was a massive event. In it, politics, technology,
environment and much more was discussed.

In the techn. aspect it gave an introdution of an
event to happen this following month: The
International Free Software Forum. 

Porto Alegre, São Paulo and a handful of others
Brazilian cities are governed by the left (Worker's
Party) and they've been trying to insist in a "free
and participative" government in all instances
possible, in POA's case that includes technology. 

So, the FISL will happen from 2-5 in May. It's very
likely that the agency which I work
( will have news about it everyday.

The website is here
Portuguese only, I'm afraid :(

Main guests:
Bob Chassell (FSF)
Paul Everitt (Zope), 
Miguel de Icaza (Ximian), 
Patrick Stakem (NASA); 
Shane Hathaway [Python], 
Tim Ney (Gnome Foundation); 
Andrei Zmievski (PHP-GTK), 
Larry Wall (Perl) 
Jon "maddog" Hall (Linux International)

Djalma Valois
Eduardo Maçan 
Elvis Pfützenreuter (
Lalo Martins (
Luciano Ramalho (Hiperlógia Zope CMSs) 
Sandro Nunes Henrique (CEO Conectiva - Linux Distr.)

Gov't and stuff:
Brazilian Defense Ministery
Army, Navy, Aeronautics
Braz. Science and Techn. Ministery
Quilombo Digital Free Software Community

I think the website may have an english version soon.
Any interested send me an email and I'll try to let
you know if this happens. 

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