Nmherman on Thu, 18 Apr 2002 02:26:01 +0200 (CEST)

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Subj: RHIZOME_RAW: NewZoid Acceptance Speech
Date: 4/17/2002 3:39:46 PM Central Daylight Time
From: young@newzoid.com
To: list@rhizome.org
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Max Herman: Just calculated the winners for the "Genius 2000
Conference 2001: Constitution/The Summer of Genius", they are Meiko
and Ryu for Best Female Presenter, Iamstatic for Best Male Presenter,
and Newzoid for Golden Palm for Lifetime Achievement.

Here is a congratulatory jpg, made by Corey Eiseman:


Videos for judges and winners sent tba.

Best regards,

Max Herman


Young: (holds Golden Palm For Lifetime Achievement in one hand,
brushes away a tear with another, and straightens the microphone with
the other) I have just returned from the Eleventh Dimension where I broke
up a logjam that was interfering with the flow of NewZoid Headlines at

I am delighted to be here even though it must mean my lifetime is coming
to an end. In the time remaining I will try to eat as much chocolate as I can
and do as much as I can to help cure information overload. I have to leave
before the police come. Thank you Max. Thank you Mr. Herman. Thank you
MH. Thank you Corey Eiseman for the ticker tape parade.  [exits left]