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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Venezuela: STRATFOR Evaluation

An interesting analysis of the Stratfor spin......

Stratfor on the USA's Failed Venezuela Coup
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 22:33:12 -0500 (CDT)

 Stratfor on the USA's Failed Venezuela Coup

Via NY Transfer News * All the News That Doesn't Fit

[Stratfor has been gunning for Chavez for many months, pulling out
the "he's a madman" slur in its early anti-Chavez articles, an
old propaganda tactic used against numerous leaders the United States
wished to dispose of, most successfully Iran's Mohammed Mossadegh in
1953. Now, of course, along with the rest of the imperialist
disinformation industry, they need to save face. The NY Times says
that US officials "met with" the coup plotters; here, Stratfor talks
about "rumored" US involvement. -- NY Transfer]

According to Stratfor, a lot of sources are saying that the
restoration is going to be some of the worst news the US has had in
some time.

Chavez' return to power means he'll be able to investigate carefully
who knew on April 10 about the "momentous events" - and pursue the
leads that point to State, Central Intelligence and [FBI spy] Robert
Hanssen's pals at Opus Dei.

Given how pro-coup and anti-Chavez Stratfor's analysis has been in
the months preceding the coup, the fact that they're running this
story as a strong possibility rather than dismissing it as crazy
conspiracy talk makes it sound like the blowback on this failed op is
going to be coming thick and fast.  We all need to be on our guard
for the spinmeisters here.  (And indeed, I'm surprised that
Stratfor's running this story at all, except that they'd already run
the leaks from Russia so for them to pretend this isn't developing
would make them look very, very foolish.) -- Peter Bell

The first article on what is currently (4/15/02) the second Venezuela
page has as its teaser/lead paragraph:

U.S. Taking Low-Key Stance on Venezuelan Instability - Apr 12

On April 10 there were clear indications outside both Venezuela and
the United States that a momentous event would occur in Caracas.
STRATFOR was alerted late April 10 by a source in Russia that
developments in Venezuela "over the next 24 hours" might speed the
collapse of President Hugo Chavez's government.

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