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[Nettime-bold] Protest Endless War @ Kent State University, Ohio, May 4th 2002

 Get yourselves an education.

May 4, 2002: Kent State University

We call on the world to converge on Kent State and

Online boards for housing, rides, and volunteering are now available at

If you need a ride and/or housing, or if you can provide a ride and/or
housing, please fill out the form.---

Also on the website:

-Tentative schedule of events
-Our complete "call" for May 4
-A printable flyer
-Maps and Directions to Kent State
-Links to other May 4 events
-Online form to endorse the protest

If you or your group have/has not yet linked to our website or announced
protest on your web calender, newsletter, independent radio station, etc.
please consider doing so!

Tentative Schedule for May 4th Protest (More details to come)

Morning: Briefing/Spokescouncil Meeting
3:00 PM: Permitted Rally at Front Campus (near Main and Lincoln St.)

Confirmed Speakers include:

Rita Lasar (sister of WTC victim)
Jeff Patterson (first GI to resist Gulf War)
Chris Mahin (history columnist for the People´s Tribune)
C. Clark Kissinger (former National Secretary of SDS)

More speakers and musical guests will be added to the list in the weeks
to come.

Approx. 6:00 PM: March downtown---

This protest is being organized by the Kent State Anti-War Committee in
conjunction with KSU Muslim Student Association, KSU College Democrats,
and KSU Student Anti-Racist Action.

Endorsers so far include:

Howard Zinn, author of "A People´s History of the United States"
SOA Watch NE
Refuse and Resist!
International Socialist Organization
Coastal Convergence Society
Mad Anarchist Bakers´ League
Towson Action Group
Cleveland Anti-Racist Action
Northeast Ohio Radical Action Network
Mad Grandparents for Peace and Justice
Burning River Revolutionary Anarchist Collective
Why War?
Peaceful Booger Flingers
Unknown News
Coalition for a Humane And New Global Economy

Mary Kay A. Dranzo
Nick Speelman
Chris Pelton
John Duerk
Carol Schiffler
Eric Sunde
Priscilla Schultz
Alice Copeland-Brown
Lori Price
Brittany Conner
Priscilla Smith
Sue Jeffers
Aaran Pieman Kay
Walter Davis---

Kent State Anti-War Commmittee

Phone: (330) 701-1833
OCL Box 16, KSU, Kent, OH, 44240

The Kent State Anti-War Committee meets every Monday at 7pm
Kent State University Student Center Room 303 



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