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[Nettime-bold] ["Domhnall" <>] First Hand Account of Truth from Venezuala

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Subject: First Hand Account of Truth from Venezuala
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 09:55:04 +0100
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A Chairde,

I am sorry but this will have to be short - I am tied up just now. An Irish
film maker was making a documentary about Hugo Chavez during the day of the
coup and filmed absolutely everything. Her name is Kim Bartley and the whole
thing will be made for screening by the end of Summer as she remains in
Venezuala for another month. The first-hand account of events she gave is as

She was with Chavez and doing interviews with all the main generals
(including those who later revolted). The film crew was at the original
Pro-Chavez marchers who met the large anti-Chavez crowd on Friday. She says
that the snipers on the roofs WERE DEFINITELY FIRING INTO THE PRO-CHAVEZ
CROWD - she had conducted interviews with two pro-Chavez people and then
filmed them being killed in the gunfire on the steps of the palace. She says
that the pro-Chavez crowd had guns and then started to fire back at the
snipers in self-defence. She estimates that at least five of the dead were
pro-Chavez people - she only limits it to this as she only saw five dead
people. Following the street clashes, she retreated to the palace with
Chavez and his supporters doing interviews in the hours of military siege
and had to escape just after he was arrested. His supporters indicated that
he never resigned and several were in tears as he was lead away. The crew
were advised to lay low for some time as their lives were in danger - the
film that they had taken was in direct contradiction to the 'official' story
being touted widely. Pro-Chavez people were concerned for her safety and
that the 'truth' come out.

She was catching a flight to Cuba arranged by the Chavez people when the
word came through about the massive rioting in the poor areas. She started
filming this and the taking of the palace.

She says that Chavez was held in five different locations, the second last
of which was in a submarine base on the coast. Someone was sent to
assassinate him there but friendly troops found out and moved him to the
island. The fax which was sent which clarified that he had not resigned was
sent from the submarine base. Paratroopers subsequently rescued him from the

Clearly, this is a truth which needs to be spread. It almost demonstrates
organisation by something like the CIA to an absolute degree of certainty.
She understands the importance of getting the truth out as quickly as
possible but wants to capture the events stemming from the failure of the
coup. The film will be shown on RTE (Irish national television) as they
funded her trip - I'm not sure about elsewhere. Perhaps someone else out
there might be able to arrange something in the US? If you want I can
try/attempt to get a contact number for her.


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