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[Nettime-bold] up to clayton reminder

Dear Friend,

if you read this mail, you are invited to present yourself or your musical work
in the context of this years edition of phonoTAKTIK/part 2 in Vienna.


At a street corner Karl saw a placard with the following announcement: The
Oklahoma Theatre will engage members for its company today at Clayton race
course from six o'clock in the morning until midnight. The great Theatre of
Oklahoma calls you! Today only and never again! If you miss your chance now you
miss it for ever! If you think of your future you are one of us! Everyone is
welcome! If you want to be an artist, join our company! Our Theatre can find
employment for everyone, a place for everyone! If you decide on an engagement
we congratulate you here and now! But hurry so that you get in before midnight!
At twelve o'clock the doors will be shut and never opened again! Down with all
those who do not believe in us! Up, and to Clayton!

A great many people were certainly standing before the placard, but it did not
seem to find much approval. There were so many placards; nobody believed in
them any longer. And this placard was still more improbable than usual. Above
all, it failed in an essential particular, it did not mention payment. If the
payment were worth mentioning at all, the placard would certainly have
mentioned it; that most attractive of all arguments would not have been
forgotten. No one wanted to be an artist, but every man wanted to be paid for
his labours.

Yet for Karl there was one great attraction in the placard. "Everyone is
welcome," it said. Everyone! That meant Karl too. All that he had done till now
was ignored; it was not going to be made a reproach to him. He was entitled to
apply for a job of which he need not be ashamed, which, on the contrary, was a
matter of public advertisement. And just as public was the promise that he too
would find acceptance. He asked for nothing better; he wanted to find some way
of at least beginning a decent life, and perhaps this was his chance. Even if
all the extravagant statements in the placard were a lie, even if the great
Theatre of Oklahoma were an insignificant travelling circus, it wanted to
engage people, and that was enough. Karl did not read the whole placard over
again, but once more singled out the sentence: "Everyone is welcome."

Franz Kafka, Amerika

phonoTAKTIK.02 - The Social Construction of Technology
Vienna, May 28th - June 2nd 2002

We welcome every approach to create music that contributes to the
development of ideas about:
- Tools
- Technology
- Community
- Communication
- Art
- Roots
- Discourse/Reflection
- or other dimensions that we may not have even dreamed about yet

The budget allows us to host 50 physical persons, best treatment and
fee guaranteed.

To identify which contributions will be presented in which *slots* we will set up
a procedure that involves the network of the global music community.

If you want to get yourself involved or you music please visit the
website between April 17th (12p.m. MEZ) and
April 21th (12 p.m. MEZ).

This is not a competition or a call for applications. We strongly believe the
21st century should be welcomed as the age of cooperation: nobody should win
against others because nobody should lose in this world.

We decided to use this approach to broaden our scope and to share the
results with everybody. A single individual perspective, even of the
most gifted curator, may not be enough anymore to identify the state
of art today.

We are aware that the music world is not a community of equal persons.
Artists with well developed names and a higher market-evaluation have to protect
themselves for simple professional reasons. Many of us are used to being

booked via agencies or their labels. But we want to remind everyone that we
respect all creative expression regardless of market-value, peer-group-
ranking or other indicators. Thus we express our hope that even the
busiest among us find a way to still be with us.

As was said,
everyone is welcome,


The idea of phonoTAKTIK has been shaped by contributions of many great
artists, newcomers and stars, as the idea of music as a whole and you never know
where the seed of the next big tree is already blooming. So thank you to all that
we had the pleasure to meet at phonoTAKTIK so far:

atom heart online.
cecile babiole.
ramon bauer.
bedouin ascent.
fred bigot.
thomas brinkmann.
buro 10.
chris carter.
martina cizek.
the conet project.
cube and sphere.
dan lodig.
demon flowers.
dieb 13.
richard dorfmeister.
fadi dorninger.
dr. nachtstrom.
curd duca.
max eastley.
colin fallows.
familie seelig.
farmers manual.
fritz fitzke.
bernhard fleischmann.
tina frank.
fx randomix.
mark gage.
werner geier.
general magic.
bruce gilbert.
mathias gmachl.
heidi grundmann.
honor hager.
russell haswell.
richie hawtin.
holger hiller.
alois huber.
ryoji ikeda.
zbigniew karkowski.
dieter kaufmann.
ken ishii.
richard h. kirk.
peter kollreider.
wolfgang kopper.
peter kruder.
felix kubin.
christof kurzmann.
andrew lagowski.
laptop orchestra.
liquid limbs.
live fridge.
francisco lopez.
men at arms.
mixmaster morris.
herbert molin.
musikkreis ms20.
wolfgang musil.
bernd oberlinninger.
fritz ostermayer.
pablo's eye.
pan american.
panoptischer kreis wien.
franz pomassl.
gert-jan prins.
patrick pulsinger.
philipp quehenberger.
peter rantasa.
pita rehberg.
franz reisecker.
hans joachim roedelius.
paul schütze.
sister iodine.
slack hippy.
the smiling buddhas.
sons of silence.
susan stenger.
stock, hausen & walkman.
swamp swallow.
nobukazu takemura.
jimi tenor.
david toop.
erdem tunakan.
matta wagnest. 
walkner & moestl.
georg zeitblom.
maria ziegelböck.

and others.