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[Nettime-bold] [PMC] URGENT - Israeli Occupation Forces Ransack Cultural Center

>  From: 	Rex Brynen
>  Sent: 	Saturday, April 13, 2002 2:36 PM
>  Subject: [PMC] URGENT - Israeli Occupation Forces Ransack Cultural
>  Center
>  Israeli Occupation Forces Ransack Cultural Center
>  13 April 2002
>  Palestine Media Center - PMC
>  During the morning hours, Israeli occupation forces raided one of
>  Palestine'
>  s most important cultural center, the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center
>  (KSCC). After detonating explosives to storm through the the Center,
>  Israeli
>  occupation forces are now searching the building and ransacking its
>  valuable
>  archives, documents, and art collection. At least six large explosions
>  have
>  been heard from the Center's direction.
>  Also in the building is an office for the renowned Palestinian poet,
>  Mahmoud
>  Darwish, who uses the KSCC room as his personal office.
>  Among the Center's declared goal are; "Enriching local cultural life:
>  Through the nurturing of new talents, and the development of artists'
>  creative skills". Raiding such a center raises many questions as to the
>  Israeli army's mission, which is declared as an operation "to root out
>  terror".
>  Situated in the heart of Ramallah, the KSCC was renowned for its important
>  work in the visual arts, literature, and other cultural events. The
>  Center's
>  own building is one of historical importance, having been built in 1927 as
>  a
>  family home for Khalil Salem Salah, who became Ramallah's Mayor in 1947.
>  The
>  Center housed some of Palestine's most important artifacts and historical
>  documents.
>  In the past few days, Israeli occupation forces have raided, destroyed and
>  looted a number of official and private Palestinian buildings. Most
>  notably,
>  Israeli occupation forces raided and looted the Ministry of Culture, which
>  had an invaluable library and art gallery, with artifacts of great
>  historical importance. The invading forces had also demolished the second
>  floor in the Ramallah Municipality building, which housed the archives for
>  property registers and other documents of vital importance.
>  For more information on the Center and its historical importance, please
>  visit:
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We must organize against the seige of Palestinian people by the 
Israeli army.  Our silence implicates us in the genocide. 

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