Ricardo Bello on Tue, 16 Apr 2002 18:06:01 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Caracas: Coup inside a coup

	I never underplayed the role of Fedecamaras in the general strike. 
Fedecamaras is an organization that groups all chambers of commerce and 
production in Venezuela. Everybody belongs to it, except informal workers. 
My farm is associated to it, and so all my friend´s business. Is it a 
political sin to organize and try to defend one views in the context of a 
populist government? If so, I´m guilty. I participated in all three strikes 
and will do so again if Chavez doesn´t change his authocratic ways.
	You can´t catch the world in a conceptual net. This is right, this is 
wrong. The world will slip throught your net. Things change. Yesterday 
Chavez change his mind, he will not remove PDVSA´s management, a decision 
that created much turmoil and precipitated the oil industry´s strike. He 
will sit down and negotiate with them. It  was very difficult for Coronel 
Chavez´s  government (many of members of Cabinet are Army Officers) to 
accept dissidence. He is negotiating now. Many deaths could have been 
avoided had he openned to dialog with PDVSA´s management just one week ago.
	Carmona, the ex-President of Fecamaras and the Republic participated in a 
coup inside a coup. Everyone, including the CTV, the largest Workers Union, 
gave their back to him, once that second and secret coup was accomplished. 
All the members of this conspiracy, many of them from the Opus Dei, left 
the country Saturday 13th. The CIA, it seems, knew all along the existence 
of this secret group and the whereabouts of the place where this people 
were meeting and discussing their plan. The owners of Benoco, an enterprise 
whose CEO Carmona was, is mentioned. There are strong rumors that the 
liason between them and the Army officers that imprisoned Chavez was Rubén 
Rojas Pérez, son in law of ex-Christian Democrat President Rafael Caldera, 
both of them close to Opus Dei.
	This is a dangerous country. Just from writing this you get hurt. 
Yesterday, for example, an assassination attemp was made against the life 
of Carlos Tablante, a leftist leader in the anti-Chavez political 
territory. His driver die and the assassins were captured, all were 
bodyguards of a close Chavez´s ally.
	Did Chavez learned anything from past week events? Things could change and 
very fast, at least he should know that.

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