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Have a look and your say at www.electrichands.com/genius2000



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For Immediate Release

New York, NY, April 15, 2002 - Electric Hands, Inc. and Genius 2000 are pleased 
to announce their collaboration in creating an online survey site for Genius 
2000. To be launched before the end of April 2002, this site will feature an 
active online interface that will gather, process, and archive web-users' 
responses to questions being investigated by Genius 2000.   

Data summary and a detailed history of all survey results will be available to 
all registered respondents to the system.   "I am happy to be working with 
Electric Hands" says Max Herman, originator and executive producer of The 
Genius 2000 Network. "They offer a complete service that will help me reach a 
larger audience, especially in the corporate arena.  The savings in time and 
technical support their survey system provides will allow me to focus on 
creative development of Genius 2000 now and into the future."

"To say that we are ecstatic is an understatement" says Joseph Franklyn 
McElroy, CEO of Electric Hands. "Max is one of the leading underground voices 
on the Internet. To be able to help that voice be heard is part of our mission 
to enhance soul and creativity in corporate culture. Working with Genius 2000 
demonstrates that Electric Hands is flexible enough to not only work with 
Corporate Performance Artists, but independent artists everywhere." 

About Genius 2000 and Max Herman 

Genius 2000 has been the driving concept behind Max Herman's work in 
literature, video-documentary, net-based art, and social theory since 1998.  
Despite a respectable background in English and cultural studies--he held the 
prestigious Syracuse University Fellowship from 1995 to 1998--Herman has chosen 
the cross-disciplinary dynamism and global reach of the internet over a 
traditional academic career.  "The independence, excitement, and diversity of 
networked culture give it an edge over the old paradigm of academic departments 
and journals.  Ideas flow more freely online; the variety and immediacy of the 
web give me access to people and ideas unimaginable a decade ago."   The Genius 
2000 Survey is Herman's first joint effort with Electric Hands Inc.  He lives 
and works in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota; where in addition to 
numerous online projects he is writing a book on democracy and global co-
operation in the digital age.

About Electric Hands, Inc.

Electric Hands is the exclusive marketing arm of a large team of independent 
creative professionals (Corporate Performance Artists) worldwide who work 
together to build solutions, art experiences, and companies. We have worked on 
projects for small start-ups and large public companies. Our commitment is to 
building success with efficient, cost-effective solutions and esthetic, user-
sensitive environments. Our mission is to empower creative professionals, to 
help corporations spark creativity in their employees and to bring soul back 
into corporate environments. 

Joseph Franklyn McElroy 
Cor[porat]e [Per]form[ance] Art[ist]
Electric Hands, Inc
Electrify your sales, Electrify your Mind

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