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[Nettime-bold] Fw: [chicagodan] Carnival against capitalism art callout

For the announcer:

Carnival against capitalism
April 28, 2002 10:00 am, Sacramento/Ogden, Chicago, IL.

We have been hard at work building. This is going to be a very
positive event if anyone can make it. We have a whole weekend of stuff
planned. See chicagodan.org  Also, we have housing available, contact
me if you need housing. Please forward this wide and far.


[chicagodan] Carnival against capitalism art callout

Power creates the illusion of mystery and obscurity to maintain
itself, but it is not always complex.
Solutions can be immediate and simple.
Watch us make something out of nothing.

A path of construction.
A positive action.
A gritty, particular community inter-action.

We are not demanding that rights be granted from the hand of power.
We are not demanding.
We are not waiting.
We are not appealing.
We are not lobbying.

We are acting.
We are realizing our own power.
We are seizing material and transforming it to our own ends, with joy.

Each person, each participant, is directly changing, freely creating,
im-mediately acting.
The parade is therefore an actual positive action, creating
a positive festival while simultaneously actually improving the
surroundings it marches through.
Just by walking through the neighborhood, the neighborhood improves.


By picking up trash.
We will comb the neighborhood.
Pick stuff up off the curbs.
Select beauties from the dumpsters.
Pots and pans and coffee cans and scraps of wood become instruments.
Pop-cans and cardboard and steel and glass become jewelry, adornments,
festive costumes.
Bits and pieces and discarded particles and waste become reclaimed, a
of art, participatory amorphous ever-changing.
A decentralized scavenging mass.
A trash brigade.

Stop waiting.
Stop planning.
Stop saving.
Stop voting.

Start doing.
Start acting.
Start participating.
Start constructing.

This is not a path of destruction, but a path of construction.
Anti-capitalists: improving the neighborhood.
This is direct democracy.
Democracy in action.
Direct action.
Eliminate mediation.

This is another world.
This is the better world.
In the present, in the now, in the im-mediate.
We do not have more words, but action.
This is HOW we construct a better world, an alternate reality:
by acting at this very moment.
This is it.
We're starting right now.
Join the carnival.
Another world has begun.

Bring your tools.

April 28, 2002 10:00 am, Sacramento/Ogden, Chicago, IL.

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