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[Nettime-bold] ADV:Safe Christian Dialup

What is is a cutting-edge, Christ-centered, premium Internet Dial-up service provider. Imagine a Christian AOL -with faster connections, and features geared to edify your spirit and strengthen you in your Christian walk!

Cutting-Edge Internet Service with Friendly Filters
Rest easy: our tamper-proof, adjustable server-based "Smart-Filter" system safeguards your family from online pornography and other harmful influences, so you and your loved ones can surf safely.

We Give Back To The Approved Church Or Ministry Of Your Choice
Sign on with us at the low rate of $19.95 a month, and will donate 10% of your monthly service fee to domestic and world wide ministry

Unlimited, Fast, Reliable Internet Access
Powered by Qwest technologies...The World's Leader in Internet communications.

Up to 5 Personal E-mail addresses for your family!

Fund Raising
Raise funds for your church or group

  • Filters content within a document
  • Flexible standards from 0%-100%
  • Email notification to parents
  • Passwords for each family member
  • Can't erase history of sites visited
  • Server based tamper- proof filters
  • Filters URL's with bad content

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