Ricardo Bello on Sat, 13 Apr 2002 22:21:02 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Venezuela: Another Viewpoint

	Your argument (anastasios.kozaitis@verizon.net ) is rather strange. An 
extreme opposition party "Bandera Roja" (Red Banner) was shooting a huge 
crowd demonstrating against the government, that is, shooting itself.  You 
will excuse, but Chavez close down private TV stations just when those 
snipers started shooting, and they have been indentified and filmed, 
members of the chavista City Council, very close to the President. They 
were shooting from the side of Chavez supporters, you must have seen them, 
as you were there. Your are right about the military however, they are 
disgusting. They enjoyed the money from an incredible corrupt government 
who did nothing to stop so much plundering of the nationīs budget and now 
they stand as judges of that corruption. They are a menace and Chavez was 
their leader for four year until civil society took him out.
	But there is something, if Chavez was so good, as you said, why three 
sucessful national strikes were called that stopped the whole nation, on 
December 10th and February 28th, 2001 and the one that finished today, that 
paralized the whole country for three whole days in protest, every town, 
every city one million squares kilometers? A peaceful march of half a 
million people was too much against him. Even the corrupt military brass 
couldnīt failed to see that. Unenployment was rampant, investment had 
dissapear and for the first time in Venezuela, hundreds of thousand were 
emigrating to the US and Europe looking for jobs and a better future.
	That fundamental land reform you talked about started the strike on 
December 10th. I own a farm, and work and live in it. His policy  made me 
sell 600 tons less of oranges that in the same period a year before, and 
that year was worse than the one before. You canīt imagine the poverty such 
senseless ideas can produce. But he said he was from the left, so must you 
excuse all  his errors.  Facist military didnīt put Chavez out, the people 
did, protesting and giving their life against fascist military headed by 
Chavez. That they called themselves progressive doesnīt make any 
difference. At least now, I have a better option for a future. I will stay 
in  my country now, and surely  my children wonīt feel the need to 
emigrate. You can have a large number of independent scholar looking and 
studying the country for year, at the end they will see, just as you, a 
confirmation of their own ideas, not reality.

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