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The AIM III: Luna Park Symposium
DAY ONE: Friday April 19, 10am-6pm, University of Southern California, 
Annenberg Auditorium
DAY TWO: Saturday April 20, 10am –5.30pm, Museum of Contemporary Art, LA 
Ahmanson Auditorium

The AIM III: Luna Park symposium brings together a diverse sampling of 
artists, theorists, and scholars to reflect upon and debate various issues 
engendered by contemporary visual art and media practices, the advance of 
digital technologies, and systems of entertainment.  The symposium includes 
the panels  ‘Surface Play’, looking at the intersections of h/activism and 
gaming culture; ‘Display Panels’, examining the art system's approach to 
exhibition and display context; and ‘Body Ploy’ probing into issues of 
prosthetic realism via robotics and avatars.

Participants include: Mark Bartlett, Natalie Bookchin, Benjamin Bratton, Shu 
Lea Cheang, Jordan Crandall, Dorit Cypis, Sharon Daniel, James Der Derian, 
Mark Dery, Etoy, Maria Fernandez, Johan Grimonprez, Marsha Kinder, John 
Klima, Carole Ann Klonarides, George Legrady, Simon Leung, Peter Lunenfeld, 
Ming-Yuen S. Ma, Simon Penny, Lawrence A. Rickels, Lawrence Rinder, 
Christiane Robbins, Connie Samaras, Lynn Spigal, Jennifer Terry, Anne Walsh.

AIM is the Annual International Festival of Time-Based Media Presented by 
the University of Southern California School of Fine Arts. AIM III is 
programmed by Christiane Robbins, AIM Executive Producer and directed by 
Janet Owen, AIM Executive Director.

All events are free.
Further information: http://www.usc.edu/aim
Tel: 213.740.ARTS

Museum of Contemporary Art
Ahmanson Auditorium,
250 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

USC Annenberg Auditorium
USC Annenberg School for Communication
Watt Way @ Hellman Way
University Park Campus
Los Angeles, CA 90089

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