Eva Brunner on Fri, 12 Apr 2002 01:40:02 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Constitutional Crisis - Urgent Action Needed!

New State "Emergency" Powers Threaten Civil Liberties in all 50 states

Unelected Officials Can Force Vaccinations, Quarantines, Rationing & Property Seizures.
 It is urgent to pass this information on to contacts in every state.
Please read this notice fully - immediate action needed!!

The hearing by the Health Committee is scheduled for Tuesday, April 16 at 1:30 pm, at the Capitol Rm 4202.  Two ways to make your opinions heard in Tuesday’s hearing:  Come to the hearing in Sacramento  the Chairwoman will ask if there is any “support or opposition” to the bill.  You may stand, identify yourself and voice your opinion.  Write to the Assembly Health committee. Comments MUST be received by Monday, April 15, 5pm  Fax number (916) 319-2197.

The text of AB 1763 as amended April 3 can be found at:

For more information on the Assembly'sHealth Committee, including a list of the Assembly persons in the committee, go to: http://www.assembly.ca.gov/ then click on "Committee Directory" in the left sidebar, then on the next page scroll down to the listing of the Health Committee, and click on the link provided.    Call 831.469.9101 for more information.

Please go to http://www.alec.org/ to find what is happening in your state.

January, 2002 -- The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is sending a model bill for state legislatures to pass that would give public health officials and governors sweeping new authority without oversight by the legislature or courts. Moreover, the proposal allows government authorities to ration and commandeer drugs and other items, including firearms and private property.

This bill would give the governor the power to declare himself dictator in case of a "public health emergency" -- which means whatever he says it does. Further, the governor could then delegate this authority to unelected political appointees in state and local public health offices.

The bill is so alarming that even state legislators are publicly opposing it, including the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the nation's largest bipartisan, individual membership organization of state legislators.

Log onto  www.forhealthfreedom.org -- the Institute for Health Freedom -- for more info and possible contact numbers.
The proposed legislation, entitled the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA), is already under consideration in several states including Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, Minnesota, Illinois, and California, while many states will consider the measure during the 2002 legislative sessions.
Ø       Force you to take a vaccination or a medical treatment decided by the Governor  or be herded into a quarantine or isolation facility.
Ø       Seize any of your property that the government decides is necessary such as firearms, real estate, fuel, medical supplies, food, clothing,              communications devices, business property.
Ø       Destroy property alleged to be hazardous without compensation and without recourse.
Ø       Conscript you or your business into State service.
Ø       Impose rationing, price controls and quotas on any resources including food, water & fuel.

ð       SIGN THE PETITION. Urge President Bush to stop HHS from pushing this monstrous bill.
ð       CONTACT STATE OFFICIALS. Tell legislators and your governor. Call the Legislative Hotline.

Log on to www.aapsonline.org or call the AAPS Hotline at 800.419.4777 to sign the petition.
Continue to contact your legislators as well as Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson at every stage of the process. We must stop this constitutional crisis now!  What the Patriot Act hasn't accomplished, the Medical Emergency Act just might.