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[Nettime-bold] Chicago Needs Your help...

Chicago Needs Your help... Log in and share your opinions.

Digital Dtournement in the  Commons..
Version>02 is a Chicago-based convergence on radical digital culture
featuring multimedia artists, electronic media activists, dissident
filmmakers and critical thinkers from around the world commenting on the
digital commons.

The digital commons is a metaphor for the public space that we use to
communicate and distribute ideas, where we share tools and resources, and
influences. It is a place for commerce, art and the transmission of
knowledge. This commons requires a dialogue about intellectual property, the
balance between civil liberties and security, freedom of speech and privacy,
issues of access, and the creative use of tools. Some herald the internet
and the global communications infrastructure as a protected space that
allows creativity and innovation to flourish. Others argue that that our
civil liberties are at risk and we are entering a society more perfectly
monitored and filtered than any in history.

We are using a weblog/slashdot engine at  Exchange Version (
http://www.versionfest.org/index.php ) to post ideas, comments, and a
growing database of articles that relate to the issues surrounding the
digital commons and Version>02.  If you are interested in learning about the
topics that we hope to discuss during the convergence please browse through
the Exchange Version site. If you have some information or ideas to share
with us please log in and start posting!!

Version>02 convergence schedule can be found at http://www.versionfest.org


Lumpen Media Group :: http://www.lumpen.com ::
Select Media :: http://www.select-media.com
VERSION>02 :: http://www.versionfest.org

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