Adrian Miles on Thu, 11 Apr 2002 02:53:02 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] mark amerika: digital literacy symposium

in melbourne, australia on tuesday april 16th we are running a 
symposium with Mark Amerika. details below:

New media technologies (everything from the first claims of 
Multimedia CDROM through to G3 phones) have been promoted on the 
promise of ubiquitous and transparent access to 'content' yet the 
authoring of 'content' appears as the ability to connect 
discontinuous and apparently opaque fragments into emergent wholes. 
Digital literacy and identity is the ability to read and write these 
new forms of connection. This symposium will examine this problem 
from a number of perspectives and will explore the digital as a 
process of construction rather than reception.

rmit storey hall, swanston st, melbourne.


09.30 registration
10:00 welcome

10:15 Darren Tofts (Communication  Studies, Swinburne)
10:45 Jenny Weight (new media artist and theorist, RMIT)

11.15 morning tea

11.45 Mark Amerika (Uni. of Colorado, Visiting Fellow, RMIT)
12.15 Panel discussion moderated by Jill Walker (University of Bergen)

13.00 lunch

14.00 Adrian Miles (InterMedia, Norway and Media Studies, RMIT)
14.30 Pia Ednie-Brown (Architecture, RMIT)

15.00 Afternoon tea

15.30 Jeremy Yuille (Communication Design, RMIT)
16.00 Panel discussion (Moderated by Antoanetta Ivanova, Nova MediaArts)

[schedule subject to change without notice]

enquiries to Anna Farago <> or 9925 3960

cost: $45.00 student $15.00.

more details at

adrian miles

+  lecturer in new media and cinema studies 
+  interactive desktop video developer  []
+ media studies. rmit []
+ InterMedia:UiB. university of bergen []

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