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[Nettime-bold] HYBRID DISCOURSE: Curatorial Practices & Institutional Practices

I+DAT[A] presents 

Curatorial Practices 12/04/02 and Institutional Practices 13/04/02

Friday: 12/04/02  2.00-5.00PM @ Sherwell Centre

Sarah Cook [Canada/UK, University of Sunderland]
Violetta Kutlubasis-Krajewska & Piotr Krajewski [WRO Centre for Media Art,
Michele Thursz [independent curator and director of Post Media Network, US]
Chair: Joasia Krysa [i-DAT] & Lina Dzuverovic-Russell [MUTE].

Saturday: 13/04/02   10.00 AM  - 4.00 PM @ Sherwell Centre

Institutional Practices: Models / 10am
Luca Dal Pozzolo, Italy
Clive Gillman, UK
Anne Nigten, The Netherlands
Chair: Bronac Ferran, Arts Council of England

Institutional Practices: Art-Commerce / 2pm
Jordan Crandall, US
Marina Grzinic Mauhler, Slovenia
Simon Ford, UK
Chair: Violetta Kutlubasis-Krajewska & Piotr Krajewski, WRO Center for Media

Hybrid Discourse is a series of events investigating current cultural
debates in the context of digital media. Focusing on key issues such as
relations between art and industry, emerging cultural, commercial and hybrid
practices as well as new models of institutional practices this program
seeks to re-address critical terms of Adorno and Horkheimer's original
concept of the culture industry in the current context.

This two-day conference within the Hybrid Discourse series examines the
position occupied by cultural institutions and media curators in the current
cultural landscape. Using the Frankfurt Schoolıs concept of the culture
industry as a starting point, this conference investigates the diverse
models of curatorial and institutional practice that facilitate production,
distribution and dissemination of new media works. Set within a wider
context of the current cultural economy the sessions examine relationships
between artistic programming, funding, audience development and
participation, local and global community development, social infrastructure
and cultural policy.



Friday 12/04/02, Sherwell Centre

Heroes by Oliver Pietsch
Germany 2000, 10:00

NO by Maxim Tyminko
Belorussia 2000, 2:00

Gemini by Andreas Gedin
Sweden 2000, 9:09

Dragon by Anita Sarosi
Hungary 1999, 3:40

Bardosphere by Andrzej K. Urbanki
Poland 2000, 11:00

Super Natural by Anita Malmqvist
Sweden 2000, 14:00


Place: Sherwell Centre / University of Plymouth / Plymouth / UK
Contact: /

Info and to join on-line discussion or listen to webcasts:

Hybrid Discourse is organised by Anya Lewin and Joasia Krysa with support
from the Institute of Digital Art and Technology (i-DAT), Dartington College
of Arts, World of Work, Mute, and the European Social Fund.

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