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[Nettime-bold] Estate Planning Made Easy

Title: Estate Planning Made Easy
Don't lt the sun set on your estate planning sales due to uncertianties
baker associates has the right answer
Do you know prospects who...
believe they only need to worry about estate taxes for the next 10 years?
don't want to fully commit until they know what will happen with their estate taxes?
If the answer to either is "yes," consider the SUL 10 from MassMutual.
sul 10

sul 10 offers
• 10 year death benefit guarantee
  at a very low price
• The ability to convert (with full
  commission) to permanent protection

SUL 10 P10
Annual Premium
10 Year Term
Annual Premium*
Savings Percentage
55/55 $968 $2,185 56%
65/60 $1,826 $4,435 59%
Call or e-mail the Baker Associates sales team today!
800-550-2666 ext. 117
Liz or Gary
7502 E. Pinnacle Peak Road
Suite B116
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Baker Associates EAST COAST OFFICE
1 Beacon Street
33rd Floor, Suite 3333
Boston, MA 02108
— or —

Please fill out the form below for more information
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*10 Year Term illustrated is MassMutual's 10 Year Guaranteed Level Term Product.
SUL 10 is issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), in all states. In New Jersey, coverage is provided under a group certificate, issued through a Rhode Island trust. The contract state of the certificate is New Jersey.

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