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[Nettime-bold] Fwd: Re: I need your help

>From: "John Paul II" <johnpaulthesecond@hotmail.com>
>To: juannsk@hotmail.com
>Subject: Re: I need your help
>Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 11:14:46 +0100
>>Hello John Paul II:
>Hola Juan!
>>                    I feel terrible about what I said to you when I talk 
>>about love.
>No. Don't feel sad. I'm a liar. I forced the issue about divorce
>and other subject in the church.
>I feel so old. Forgive me.
>>   I need love urgent!I told you that I didn't feel it.Now I feel terrible 
>>without it.I love constantly but don't receive any love from anybody else 
>>than the devil.I keep on laughing all the time.
>Do not fall from grace!
>>  I need your help.I'm going back to school again and since you've told me 
>>that I could do anything that I could by the grace of God then I realised 
>>that it is possible to do it.My plans are getting realisable now since I 
>>got the trust from God in doing what I want in the case that I give 
>>something as a deal which was consistance and devotion to God and to 
>>mankind through my soul and so...I go back to Berlin soon where it is 
>>possible to study german lessons and make music with my friends.
>Friends are good!
>>  But I need love.It's a desperate sensation what the system does and when 
>>I don't get any I begin to have terrible thoughts of agony in the hell of 
>>the mind.
>Be good, act good, do good. Semper fidelis
>>  I would like to know about how to send you my music;that is the case 
>>that things are getting better with my friends in Europe and it is 
>>possible to get what I have done after such a long time in the psyquiatric 
>>for the allucinations that I have.
>>  I introduce myself to many musicians and personalities from the world 
>>like this and I have an insane courage that I don't control.
>>  I beg God for what I want from him:please don't make me live such a 
>>wretched life where I am always alone.A friend of mine commited suicide 
>>not long ago because he couldn't get as enough love as he wanted to 
>I will pray for him. Love yourself as you love Mankind.
>>  I get so much distorted by what I say that I don't believe it 
>>sometimes.It's bad in religion to believe certain things but what manages 
>>ourselves to believe in the end is common sense and that is something we 
>>have to learn to control.
>>  There is something I like God to know from me:
>>I need work,love,money and freedom and health,probably for you too aswell 
>>as for anybody in this world;:as soon as possible the best.
>>  I believe in THIS that I don't believe so what the hell;don't agree with 
>>politics of beliefs.
>I appreciate your honesty.
>>  I agree wioth music but I make my own and that is enough.
>>  I am making good friends in the field of art and it's improving.
>>  Argentina lives in a constant disaster where it is not possible to 
>>assemble its parts.
>>  I guess that is all we want from you:an answer of love and kindness 
>>which is not easy to find.
>>  Send you all my good feelings and I enjoy working with you from
>>  Juannsk
>I will try to be brave, as you are, and some day speak the truth before I
>die. I hope God will absolve me from my sins. Keep the faith in yourself,
>the love. Walk in peace.
>Johannes Paulus II
>In hoc sign vinces

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