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[Nettime-bold] Fwd: Re: Can I have your address?

>From: "John Paul II" <johnpaulthesecond@hotmail.com>
>To: juannsk@hotmail.com
>Subject: Re: Can I have your address?
>Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2001 16:31:04 +0200
>>Hello again John Paul II:
>>                         This is Juan from Argentina.Thanks for answering 
>>the e-mail that I've sent.
>Hello Juan! It is a pleasure to speak with people from all over the world.
>>  I want to send my music to you.I'm still learning this computer thing 
>>but it relly costs a lot of money.That is why I ask for your address 
>>because it's impossible to make it on the web.I'll send the cds.
>It would be nice. But I'm afraid I don't have personal mailbox. (This is 
>the only private thing I have - my emailbox) I suggest you try to code some 
>of your songs to mp3-format, and then get a page on mp3.com, and then I 
>will listen to your music. mp3.com is for free.
>>  Another thing is that I find great that you have made a cd with 
>>Laibach;that Also sprach Johann Paul II.Somehow that is why I've sent you 
>>an e-mail.I mean I had the courage of sending it so.In the name of the 
>>father that is what I take as an example nowadays.
>Yes, it is good that you have courage! It was long time since we made that 
>cd. It was very fun. Especially when we took the photos for the cover. I 
>had more health back then... I feel old... Someday I will die, and meet 
>God. I hope that people will remember me as a nice man. I have made so many 
>mistakes in my life... I am not at all infallible... You know, it is a 
>difficult job being pope.
>>  I've been giving my music to the Cathedral of Saint Agustin.They liked 
>>it but I used it as part of religious concept I want to know.Now I don't 
>>go there anymore but I'm going to a little chapel from the graveyard in 
>>Jardin de Pas near the golf club from my parents.
>Yes, if that is your wish.
>>  I'm also an NSK citizen and I'm sort of programmed to do certain things.
>What does NSK mean?
>I wanted to get an advise from you.What do you think I could
>>do in life in general?I'm doing the best I can since I got myself in this 
>You can do anything, by the grace of God!
>Now it's gone and I am by myself after this psychedelic
>>dream came to an end.
>>  I don't want to bother you with this but I want to proove love can 
>>become something dangerous.
>What psycadelic dream? Can love be something too dangerous?
>Much interesting, please explain. I belive love is gate to which we can see 
>the face of God.
>I wanted to ask you about the phenomena
>>of Deus ex Machina.To be robotized in Latin America is something heavy.
>Yes, I can understand...
>What happened to me in Berlin during my trip was out of
>What happened in Berlin?!
>I can't find an answer of Deus Ex Machina.It's in the body
>>and spirit,soul..I don't understand.That is what happened.Somehow >I came 
>>to a liberation since I know God for this time.The only thing is that I 
>>don't have much of a respect for life in general;I give my life away all 
>>the time just like something which is normal to give up;I feel ashamed of 
>>something I did not do so very well.Life.
>Deus ex Machina... The God in the machine...
>Yes, my son, it is an interesting problem for christianity. Bewere of 
>Determinism. I was determinist in my youth, but the faith in God's grace 
>through free will saved me from those horrible thoughts.
>>God will give me an answer.
>Yes, someday. The answer will come when you at least expect it!
>>  Thanks for the e-mail letter
>>  Juan
>Thank yourself.
>Karol Wojtyla / JPII
>More light!

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