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[Nettime-bold] new book by YOU!

By Apollo's Snakes

So, everyone's always asking like, what's it like, you know, you're around
him all the time and stuff and it's always like, well, um, it's just what we
do you know. But, I mean, I guess I understand because it's sort of like,
mysterious. I can see why it's confusing and stuff. We were talking about it
the other day and it was like, man, it's like TIVO. Seriously. But like if
you had a million of them. And then some sort of big screen TV, except it
would be more like if you had some sort of Virtual Reality goggles, except
you don't have any goggles and it's just the way you see things. Virtually.
I mean really.

So you can always rewind things. Or stop in the middle, or, you know, you're
just always on top of shit. It's more than just the immortality gig. Perfect
memory. Except that sometimes when he gets stuck it's like for a hundred
years, literally. Just sort of watchin' his own shit go down over and over;
imagine eternal regret and you're gettin' warm.

I know. It's sort of hard to imagine. But really it's sort of like
everything's there at your fingertips and that sort of thing. Except it's
not like everything always goes your way. I mean it's like sure, you can get
Orestes to kill someone for you but that doesn't mean you're gettin' to
first base with Cassandra.

-- Reg Vulcan from the CFP soundtrack

Mashica  invites any and all Nettime-readers to participate in the second
edition of the Cassandra Fax Project. This time it's a book.

Yes, we're birthing a book. That is, YOU are book birthing and we are
surrogating the conception. The gestation of said child is all about love,
books, and "horse watching"; and participation costs you 1 [one] fax. So why
not pay up! We'd love to see what you've got going on for our faxing

The book is simply a manner of distribution and method. Each of the faxes is
included on one side of a perforated page ready for tearing out and
re-faxing. Fax on to your mother, to your dentist, and to your favorite
musician; and all to your personal satisfaction. Mashica means to keep your
fax circulating; and to keep the circle in the loop, we are asking for a fax
from you.

¿So how bout it?

Find instructions under "progression" below and beyond.
Also, visit http://www.mashica.com/CFPbook/ for more Cassandra good times.
http://www.mashica.com/CFP/ is where to see some prime examples of the first
go around.

Try to get the ball near the plate sometime before the first of May.  Until
then, we're ready when you are.


CFP Manifesto:

The Cassandra Fax Project was created in recognition of all electronic
interchange as being oracular and "unbelievable". Truth in communication is
thoroughly challenged by the time and spatial boundaries that are harshly
reduced via electronic media. Not unlike the ability of print to acquire a
profundity that the same word spoken or thought will lack, email, fax, and
other electronically transmitted communications are raised to a greater
power and consequence as they cross limitations of time and distance
previously privileged only to ESP, telepathy, and prophecy. But in breaking
new ground technology must pay the price of credibility. Our continually
evolving myth of the new is being constantly replaced by greater
transparency and timelessness as we adjust to the ever-greater invisibility
of the future.

The most common and proper reaction to innovation is: "Unbelievable". Well
yes, exactly. Of course it's unbelievable. This is the fate of technological
exchanges today as was the fate of Cassandra, prophetess of Troy. The myths
of innovation are as unbelievable as oracles, prophecies, or simple magic.
Timeless and space-less, the use of electronic communication pushes design,
interactivity, exchange, and existence toward immateriality.

1. You email us your fax number right now. Include special instructions for
the hour we should send or if we need to ask for the fax line, etc. If
you're faxless, just say so.
2. We send you a fax.
3. You fax us back.  (Check the specifications for how the fax will be
printed on our end, and what to send)

1. Our fax: 1 page A4.
2. Your fax: 2 pages A4 one cover page, and one regular page.  If you don't
have and can't get A4, letter size will work.
3. The cover page:  to include some sort of identifiable mark that you are
you.  Might we suggest a name, contact information, URL, favorite color.
4. The CFP page:  Confirm your existence and the existence of the fax.
Also, feel free to incite all further challenges to oracles, prophecy,
unbelief, hypertextuality, Greek Mythology, danger, safety, codings,
simulated relations to other codings, milk, cheese, livestock. Etc.

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