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Am Tue, 09.Apr.2002 um 02:58:32 -0400x schrieb Nettime:
> Lev Grinberg (Director of the Humphrey Institute for Social Research
> at Ben Gurion University) sums up the situation: "Suicide bombs
> killing innocent citizens must be unequivocally condemned; they are
> immoral acts, and their perpetrators should be sent to jail. But they
> cannot be compared to State terrorism carried out by the Israeli
> Government. The former are individual acts of despair of a people that
> sees no future, vastly ignored by an unfair and distorted
> international public opinion. The latter are cold and "rational"
> decisions of a State and a military apparatus of occupation, well
> equipped, financed and backed by the only superpower in the world."

How naive can a person be in order to make such a statement? How can
suicide bombings be "individual acts of despair" as opposed to "state
terrorism" when the former are clearly triggered by political-religious
organizations, which in turn are the puppets of Anti-Israeli secret
services and governments, including Arafat and his own "Fatah"
organization? How naive can one be to assume that Anti-Israeli terrorism
would stop if the Westbank would be given to an independent Palestinian

I'm not defending dirty warfare against civilians, but those who simply
put the blame on Israel grossly reduce the complexity of the conflict.
It's just as simplistic as siding with the catholics and the IRA in
Northern Ireland and putting all blame on the unionists and the U.K.

My pessimistic guess is that the Israel-Palestine conflict is as likely
to be resolved as the one in Northern Ireland, which translates into:
probably not in the next few centuries. (And probably not by anyone
whose culture roots in one of the three belief systems which have all
their "origins" and "sacred places" in that region.)


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