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[Nettime-bold] press release from the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

So, as I sit watching this, it occurs to me:

how terrified of the christian right wing in the US should I be right now?
How worked up over destruction and death on the birthplace of their God are
they likely to get?

Didn't the crusades start when there was the deadly combination of surplus
military capacity and an unsafe Holy Land?

How organised, powerful, and angry are christians in the US, and on a global

What would be the consequences of such activity on the birthplace of, say,

(I know this blasphemous and impossible as far as Islam goes but I'm
attempting to make a comparison).

waving from the happi southern hemisphere...


(via pravda.ru)
Press release from the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem 

 Saturday, April 6, 2002

 Dear brothers and sisters, 

 It is very sad that for the first time and because of war you won't be able
tomorrow to reach  the Basilica of the Nativity for the Sunday mass and
prayers. I would have dearly wanted to be with you and to pray with you but it
is forbidden until this very moment to get there. Nonetheless we call upon all
of you our faithful to pray for tomorrow for the cause of peace; for an end to
this war; and for the politicians to understand that the only way for a
durable peace in this region is only and uniquely justice. 

 As for what is taking place in the Basilica of the Nativity itself, we are
deploying every effort in order to put an end to this deadlock. False news and
rumors were propagated to the effect that the Franciscan brothers are being
held hostages inside their convent by the Palestinians. An official
communiquee by the Custody of the Holy Land declared that this is not true. We
also declare that this is false, and we strongly condemn this false news that
only add insult to injury. We also strongly condemn the siege of the Basilica
and the psychological war waged by the Israeli soldiers around it. 

 From Bethlehem our heart goes to all of the other cities and locations which
had been invaded and are now under siege. We call upon all of you faithful,
Christians and Muslims alike, to keep faith and courage. We are with you and
peace-loving people all over the world are with you. The Holy Father John Paul
II himself, the Churches of the world and many politicians are working toward
putting an end to this ordeal. May the peace of the Lord be with you all. 

 Tomorrow, the Annunciation feast, we will pray for you and with you in
Nazareth. May God bless you, give you courage and keep you safe. 

 + Michel Sabbah, Patriarch 


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