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[Nettime-bold] Please help remove this EVILl. A plea from Palestinians

Dear brothers & sisters in humanity

Please spare a few minutes to read this message that I have to convey to you 
regarding the inhuman plight of our fellow Palestinians.

Have not you witnessed the killing of our innocent Palestinian fellows on 
the hands of Sharon and his heavy military engine?

Have not you seen all the destruction to Palestinian cities and refugee 
camps infected by Israelis tanks and apache helicopters?   Can you ignore 
the pain & sufferings of our Palestinian fellows?

Do you have a sense of humanity?

Then I request you as a human being to join hands with us so that we can 
destroy the forces of evil that terrorizing these innocent people, so that 
we can see them once again in their homes live happily because, like you & 

Do what ever you can to stop this EVIL.

Thanks in advance for your help and understanding.

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