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[Nettime-bold] Postmasters: Cary Peppermint Performance

cary peppermint
conductor number zero version 6.0
a techno lecture of memory, distance and forgetting

one night only - saturday april 13, 2002
begins promptly at 8:00pm

postmasters gallery
459 west 19th street, nyc
for more info. contact postmasters @ 212.727.3323

Cary Peppermint's CONDUCTOR NUMBER ZERO VERSION 6.0 is the latest in his
ongoing series of interactive, real-time performance-installations or
"techno-lectures in continuous update."  In the artist's own words, "CN_ZERO
could be considered a hyper-construction of a 'recombinant pop-star', i.e.
an ARTIST who functions as a latent carrier for art (the construction of
culture) instead of the commercially constructed artist, i.e. the POP-STAR
who functions as a latent carrier for capital and exchange (the leveling of

Using multiple halogen work-lights, surveillance cameras, monitors, a
portable p.a., a Polaroid camera and a laptop computer, CN_ZERO is in
essentially a performative "base camp" for human media-saturation.  An
"overexposure in light and sound",  CN_ZERO is a performance that questions
the very conditions of possibility for cultural production.


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