Nina Czegledy on Mon, 8 Apr 2002 23:08:01 +0200 (CEST)

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on behalf of Critical Media,
I would like to extend a virtual invitation
nina czegledy

CRITICAL MEDIA and the Faculty of Art, Ontario College of Arts& Design
presents  "Art Creates Change"

April 8, 2002 6pm @ The Rivoli, 334 Queen St. West

"When Robots get emotional"
Machiko Kusahara in conversation with Norman White

Takashi Koezuka Consul General of Japan inaugurates the event.

The Japanese/Canadian  Xchange2 project examines the
attitude to and the use of robotics in varied cultural environments.
Machiko Kushara has an international reputation on the topic of
the Japanese robotic culture and Norman White is Canada's
most outstading  artist involved with robots. In the dialogue
proposed between Kushara and White current issues will be
examined and discussed such as the new push in Japanese
robotics toward "emotional" sophistication. The Toronto
event, hosted by the Ontario College of Art and Design
forms a part of a well advertised series with a
large audience.

Machiko Kusahara
curator/media researcher
Associate Professor
Kobe University Graduate School of Science and
Technology Rokko, Nada, Kobe 657 JAPAN

Machiko Kusahara is an internationally recognized curator in
media art and is an Associate Professor of Media Research
in Kobe University Graduate School of Science and Technology.
With her background both in art, science and technology, she
has been teaching computer graphics, multimedia and media
study since 1985. She has been invited to teach regularly at
both IAMAS and IMI, Japan's major schools of media art,
since the beginning. She has been an active researcher and
writer on the subject of new media since 1984.

 Norman White (  is an artist and an inventor
with a special interest in obsolete technology and robotics. 
He began teaching at OCAD in 1978 and since 1988, Norman has
been working with his students at OCAD to present the annual Sumo
Robot Challenge.  This year's event takes place on Saturday, May 4th
at the Ontario Science Centre.  In his own words, the event is an
extension of his interest in " machines which bash, taunt
and insult each other."

The first phase of the Japanese/Canadian Xchange2 project
by Critical Media has been supported by the Canada Council
for the Arts with the assistance of the Japan/Canada Fund,
a gift to the Canada Council for the Arts from the Government
of Japan.

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