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[Nettime-bold] collecting the uncollectible/who controls new media

1. Reminder: The panel discussion "Collecting the Uncollectible" takes place this Tuesday, April 9, at 7 pm at the Sackler New Media Theater at the Guggenheim, Fifth Avenue and 88th Street.

What are the implications of buying and selling software-based artwork? Join artists John Klima, Mark Napier, John F. Simon Jr. and new-media consultant Michele Thursz in a discussion of new business models for artists working in digital media. The participants will present real-life examples of the challenges of adapting the existing art market to new artistic mediums. The discussion is moderated by Jon Ippolito, who will contrast closed- and open-license models for distributing artworks.

2. The Webcast for last month's discussion "Who Controls New Media? Open Art in Closed Systems" is now online at Harvard's Berkman Center for Art and Society. Find out how John Cage invented open source programming as  historian Dieter Daniels, artist Alex Galloway, lawyer Wendy Seltzer, and Jon Ippolito explore the effects of copyright and code on democratic forms of artistic expression.

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