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[Nettime-bold] FWD: How to Join/Support the International Solidarity Movement(ISM)

>Announcement for all
>Dear everybody,
>Due to the current situation of the led by the war-criminal Sharon and
>his government against the Palestinian people, many peace activists in
>many countries have expressed their willingness to join the
>International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and the Grass-roots
>International Protection for the Palestinian People (GIPP) in Palestine
>in the coming weeks. Moreover, many of our activists who are in this
>moment joining the campaign are under house arrest because of the curfew
>in the Palestinian Refugees' Camps, we have decided that Jerusalem will
>be the location and the starting point of all the actions.
>We will try to get the International activists from Jerusalem into one
>of the Palestinian cities in order to help with the activism there. The
>Guest house of the YWCA will be the location where all will be based.
>The cost is $15 per person per night on bed and breakfast basis. As for
>other kind of costs, it will be hard to estimate.
>Guest House info:
>Young Women Christian Association - Jerusalem (YWCA )
>Abla Naser
>Ibn Jubeir St., East Jerusalem
>Tel: 02- 628 2593
>Fax: 02- 628 4654
>When you arrive to Jerusalem, you need to contact the ISM and GIPP
>organizers for orientation at the following numbers:
>George S. Rishmawi
>George N. Rishmawi
>George Qassis
>Ghassan Andoni
>Rapprochement Centre
>Hanna Rishmawi (GIPP)
>Sabeel Centre (Cathy)
>Bahiyya (GIPP)
>One of the above mentioned contacts should answer you and give you
>advice and information.
>Important Notice:
>Please note that the numbers that starts with (0)55 or (0)52 are mobile
>phones and sometimes there is no good service in certain areas. So
>please try another number in case of failure with one of them. If the
>disconnection persists, please try again until you get in touch with one
>of us or the Guest House.
>Please contact us at the following addresses
> and please make sure that you make a CC to
> and include the following
>heading in the subject line "Register April".
>We will arrange the accommodation for you in the hotel and if anybody
>needs transportation, we are happy to help as well.
>Tasks Needed in Palestine:
>1- Provide Protection for civilians by staying with Families in
>Refugees camps, villages and towns.
>2- Accompany Ambulances
>3- Send food and aids to families if needed
>4- Join Nonviolent Protests if organized
>5- Help documenting the facts, either through cameras or video or
>writing diaries to be published through e-mail and internet.
>Please include the following information in your e-mail
>1- Full Name
>2- Flight details
>3- Age
>4- Home Address and telephone number
>5- Mobile Phone (If available)
>6- Passport Number and Nationality and Country of Residence (if
>7- Task you are willing to do in the campaign
>Things that can be useful to bring with you:
>1- Camera or Video Camera (Digital will be the best)
>2- Laptops
>3- Warm Sweater (for night time mainly)
>4- Advil or Tylenol or Motrin
>5- Bandana or a Veil and Perfume (To resist tear Gas)
>This is the time where we need everybody here. If you know about medic
>teams who are available to come, please let us know cause there is a
>great need for Internationals to act as medic teams in Palestinian
>Looking forward for having you in Palestine.
>George S. Rishmawi
>ISM registration coordinator
>Beit Sahour, P.O.Box 48
>Mobile: 052 50 20 79

We must organize against the seige of Palestinian people by the 
Israeli army. Our silence implicates us in the genocide. 

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