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[Nettime-bold] University Professors call for European boycott of research andcultural links with Israel

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University Professors Call  for European Boycott of Links with Israel
Press Release - dateline Saturday 6th April

University Professors call for European boycott of research and cultural
links with Israel

  As of noon on Friday, more than 120 university academics and
researchers from across Europe had signed  during the course of three
days, an open letter, presented for publication in The Guardian, calling
for a moratorium on all future cultural and research links with Israel at
European or national level until such time as the Israeli government
abide by UN  resolutions and open serious peace negotiations with the
Palestinians along the lines of the recent Saudi peace plan.

The signatories include more than 90 from the UK, amongst
them 43 university professors including some of the country's leading
natural and social scientists. The list includes one signatory from
within Israel itself. Other signatories are from Eire, Denmark, Finland,
France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and

For further information contact either:
  Professor Hilary Rose (
or Professor Steven Rose (
  telephone 0207 713 1709

The full text of the letter and list of signatories follows:
Letter: Despite widespread international condemnation for its policy of
violent repression against the Palestinian people in the Occupied
Territories, the Israeli government appears impervious to moral appeals
from  world leaders. The major potential source of effective criticism,
United States, seemsreluctant to act. However there are ways of exerting

pressure from
within Europe. Odd though it may appear, many national and European
cultural and research institutions, including especially those
funded from the EU and  the European Science Foundation, regard Israel
as a European state
for the purposes of awarding grants and contracts. (No other Middle
state is so regarded). Would it not therefore be timely if at both
and European level a moratorium was called upon any further such
support unless and until Israel abide by UN resolutions and open serious

negotiations with the Palestinians, along the lines proposed in many
plans including most recently that sponsored by the Saudis and the
Arab League.

Signatories (alphabetically by country as of 16.00 5th April)
Note all signatories are signing in a personal capacity;
  institutional affiliations are given only for identification purposes

Ainley, Dr Patrick, ,University of Greenwich
Aleksander, Professor Igor, Imperial College London
Banks, Dr Sarah, University of Durham
Bateson, Professor Patrick FRS, Provost Kings College, Cambridge
Beckford, Dr Jim, University of Warwick
Bendelow, Dr Gill, University of Warwick
Bennett, Professor Tony, Open University
Birke, Dr Lynda, University of Lancaster
Blakemore, Professor Colin FRS, Oxford University
Blankenburg, Dr Stephanie, SOAS, London
Breugel, Professor Irene, Middlesex University
Brunner, Dr Eric, University College London
Burton, Professor Emerita Leone, Birmingham University
Caddel, Dr Richard, Durham University
Cockburn, Cynthia, City University
Cohen, Professor Robin, Warwick, currently University of Cape Town
Crompton, Professor Rosemary, City University, London David,
  Professor Miriam, Keele University
Dawkins, Professor Richard FRS, Oxford
University Dore, Dr Elizabeth, University of Southampton Duckett,
Professor Jeff, Queen Mary University of London Ellison, Dr Nick,
University of Durham Edmondson, Linda, Birmingham University
William, Birmingham University Ettore, Professor Elizabeth,
University Fine, Dr Robert Warwick university Fletcher, Dr John,
Warwick University Fonagy, Professor Peter, University College London
Fox, Edward London (writer) Ginn, Dr Jay Surrey University
Glendinning, Victoria London (writer)
Gregory, Professor Richard FRS, BristolUniversity
Hakimian, Dr Hassan, SOAS, London
Healey, Dr Peter SPSGLondon
Himmelweit, Dr Sue, Open University
Hobson, Professor Marian,London University
Honderich, Emeritus Professor Ted, University College, London
Humphrey, Professor Nicholas, London School ofEconomics
Hunter, Professor Lynette, Leeds University
Kamminga, Dr Harmke,Cambridge University
Karmiloff-Smith, Professor Annette, Institute of ChildHealth, London
Kuper, Richard, Hatfield University
Laven, Dr David,University of Reading
Lawler, Dr Stephanie, University of Durham
Law, Professor John, Lancaster University
Lister, Professor Ruth,Loughborough University Macpherson,
Rev. Duncan, St Mary's UniversityCollege,University of Surrey
McRobbie, Professor Angela, Goldsmith's College London
Merck, Professor Mandy, Royal Holloway and BedfordCollege
Messkoub, Dr Mahmood, University of Leeds
Midgley, Dr. Mary,retired Newcastle University (philosopher)
Mileusnic, Dr Radmila,OpenUniversity
Moon, Dr Claire, University of Kent Moore,
Professor Robert, Liverpool University Murcott,
Professor Anne, Nottingham UniversityMurphy,
Professor Sean, Nottingham University
Orun, Dr Ahmed, BirminghamUniversity
Osborne, Professor Peter, Middlesex University
Phillips, Dr. Sarah, University of Durham Press,
Dr Ron (engineer, retired) Preston,
Dr Rosemary, University of Warwick
Rangwala, Dr Glen, Trinity College,Cambridge
Rivera, Consuela, University of Lancaster Rose,
Professor Hilary, City University London
Rose, Professor Nikolas, Goldsmith's College London
Rose, Professor Steven, Open University
Rosen,Michael, London (writer and broadcaster)
Rowley, Professor Gwyn (retired)
Russell, Professor Willie, FRSE, University of St Adrews
Ryan, Dr Mark, Birmingham University
Salter, Professor Brian, University of East Anglia
Samuels, Professor Andrew, Essex University Sassoon,
Professor Anne Showstack, Kingston University
Savage, Dr Wendy, London Hospital (retired)
Scott, Professor Sue, Durham University
Segal, Professor Graeme, All Souls, Oxford
Segal, Professor Lynne, Birkbeck College,London
Shakespeare, Dr Tom, Life Centre, Newcastle Shackle,
Dr Emma, Plater College Oxford Shire,
Dr George, Open University Shuker,
  Professor David, Open University Sinha,
Professor Martin, Southampton University
Sloman, Professor Aaron, Birmingham
Smith, Dr Paul, University of Keele
Solomon, Professor Joan, Open University
Taylor, Dr Paul, Warburg Institute, London
Tozer, David, Peterborough, Cambridge University
Treacher, Dr Amal, Birkbeck College, London
Tudge, Dr Colin, London (writer and broadcaster)
Ward, Dr Helen, Imperial College London
Yao, Professor Xin, Birmingham University
Yuval-Davis, Professor Nira, University of Greenwich

Lynch, Dr Marina, Trinity College Dublin
Regan, Professor Ciaran, University College Dublin

Sinha, Dr Chris, Technical University, Copenhagen


  Hearn. Professor Jeff, School of Economics, Helsinki

Levy-Leblond, Professor Jean-Marc, Nice University
Cobb, Dr Matthew, Laboratoire d'Ecologie, Paris
Ohlsson-Malek, Dr Fairouz, CNRS, Paris

Reymann, Professor Klaus, Magdeburg
Frey, Professor Julietta, Institute for Neurobiology, Magdeburg

Vilhjalmsson, Professor Thorsteinn, University of Iceland
Sigurdsson, Dr Skuli, University of Iceland

Frontali, Professor Nora, ISS, Rome
Mengheri, Elena, INRAN, Rome
  Minicozzi, Dr Velia, University of Tor Vergata, Rome
Murgia, Dr Chiara, INRAN, Rome
Ranaldi, Dr Giulia, INRAN, Rome
Turrini, Dr Aida, INRAN, Rome
Vladikas, Dr Anastassios, INFN, Rome

Jablonka, Professor Eva, Tel-Aviv University

Andersen Professor  Per, Oslo University
Fjelland, Professor Ragnar, Bergen University
Waerness, Professor Kari, Bergen University

Matos, Dr Augusta, Instituto Nacional de Engenharia, Lisbon
Queiroz, Professor Clara, ( retired)University of Lisbon

Ferrus, Professor Alberto, Cajal Institute, Madrid

Elzinger, Professor Aant, University of Goteborg
Esseveld, Professor Johanna, University of Lund
Holmquist, Associate Professor, Ingrid, University of Goteborg
Karfve, Professor Eva, University of Malmo
Nilsson, Professor Arne, University of Goteborg
Therborn, Professor Goran, Swedish Collegium for Advanced
Study in the Social Sciences, Uppsala Wellin, Professor Stellan,
University of
Goteborg Switzerland
Lipp, Professor Hans-Peter, Zurich
University Maranta, Dr Alessandro, ETH, Zurich

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We must organize against the seige of Palestinian people by the 
Israeli army. Our silence implicates us in the genocide. 

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