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[Nettime-bold] Jenin - Witness: I saw houses demolished with people inside

Jenin - Witness: I saw houses demolished with people inside
by translator 6:11pm Sat Apr 6 '02

"IDF bulldozers moved in to the East and West entrances of the refugee camp; the soldiers ordered civilians to leave the houses but even if many refused to obey they started to bulldoze the buildings anyway". This is what Adnan Al Sabah told ANSA (Italian news agency). Adnan Al Sabah is a Palestinian writer, director of the press centre of Jenin refugee camp where today, according to medical staff, many civilians have been buried alive inside their houses destroyed by IDF bulldozers.
Al Sabah, speaking on the phone from the refugee camp where journalists are not allowed in, said he witnessed what has happened. "The soldiers arrived late in the morning and wanted to clear a way through the houses for the tanks to move in. Through loudspeakers they ordered the civilians to leave their houses raising their hands: those who did so have been handcuffed and brought away, the others have been buried alive".
Al Sabah maintains that the demolitions have caused many casualties but he is not able to give figures, also because IDF has sealed the area even preventing ambulances to intervene.
Nader Rashid, a doctor at Jenin hospital, told Al Jazira TV that tanks "have surrounded the hospital preventing anyone to leave or enter the building and are stopping ambulances".
Rashid confirmed that "many civilians have been killed during the demolition of houses", and the hospital keeps receiving "hundreds of emergency calls from the refugee camp in Jenin where the fightings continue causing many victims" but they are unable to help.

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