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[Nettime-bold] Phyllis Shelton Compares LTCI Policies

Title: Phyllis Shelton Compares LTCI Policies
Compare LTC policies with Phyllis Shelton
 Long Term Care Insurance Policy Comparison

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This comprehensive LTCI policy review compares over 40 major companies in 17 benefit and ratings/asset categories and includes a premium comparison for a 60 year old couple.

Over 210 policies are covered in this semi-annual publication. This is the oldest LTC policy comparison in the nation and is a valuable tool for any agent selling LTC insurance today.

(Older generation policies are kept after new policies are introduced because agents encounter the older policies in the field.)

The CD-ROM version allows you to compare up to three companies at a time in any of the 17 categories. You'll also receive a spreadsheet version to take with you all the time.

Categories compared include:
Age Can Waiting Period Repeat?
Assisted Living Coordination of Benefits
Waiver of Premium Miscellaneous Benefits
Dollar Benefit Benefit Period/Lifetime Max
Access to Benefits Pre-Existing Conditions
Optional Nonforfeiture Rates/Underwriting
Waiting Period Home Health/Adult Day Care
Inflation Options Reimbursement/Indemnity
Company Ratings/Assets (by 4 rating service companies)

Some of the companies represented include:
AARP First Colony Life Mutual of Omaha
AFLAC GE Capital Northwestern Mutual
Allianz John Alden Physicians Mutual
American Fidelity John Hancock Principal Mutual
American General John Hancock Fortis Prudential
American Heritage Life Investors Pyramid Life
Bankers Life Lincoln Benefit Life (Allstate) State Farm
CNA Lincoln Life Transamerica
Combined Insurance MassMutual Travelers
Conseco Senior Health MetLife UNUM
Farmers Insurance Monumental Life VencorGold
Now only $120.00 - Click here to buy!

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