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[Nettime-bold] _Call for Noise_

RE:COMBO RADIO: checking the re:combination

*1.44 Mbytes visual and/or sonic noises are invited for the following 

You are invited to participate in _Checking the Re:combination_, a 
multimedia project of collaborative sound + vision production, that will 
come to an end with a 3-night experience in the production and 
recombination of social, moral, and political issues in a wired world.The 
experience will be developed in an alternative format: the sounds and 
pictures that will be used in the intervention will be collected through 
the internet. You can collaborate just sending your movie clips, images or 
sound files attached by e-mail to: recombo@manguebit.org.br; texts articles 
or questions can be send from the website (www.manguebit.org.br/recombo). 
All the collected material will be collected an recombined during the 3 
days long Abril Pro Rock Festival (www.abrilprorock.com.br), when the 
audience physically present will intervene in the installation. Texts 
produced for the event and chat rooms will be available at the website. The 
main goal is to develop a democratic and decentralized participation of all 
rather than the usual one-speaks-for-all.

The live on-site experience will be held at Pernambuco Convention Center, 
Recife, BRAZIL, during the "Abril Pro Rock Festival", April 19-21, 2002.

_CHECKING THE RE:COMBINATION_ is an experience developed by the musical 
collaborative group RE:COMBO (www.manguebit.org.br/recombo) and the 
graffiti artists group SUBGRAF (www.manguebit.org.br/subgraf), with the 
collaboration of LUCIANO MEIRA, Ph.D., professor of Psychology at the 
Federal University of Pernambuco (www.ufpe.br)

Sponsored by C.E.S.A.R
(Recife Center of Advanced Studies and Systems)

_Questions and support_
If you have questions about RECOMBO RADIO, please send them to 
info@manguebit.org.br. For technical matters, contact us at 


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