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[Nettime-bold] Re: rhizone

>hello again.

pleasure is the trade not steeped in labor

>it has been a while, 

when assembly line workers are exposed to diversity
they travel shoppingpingping



>i am ill from stress.

true illness = health

nn - healllllllth!!!!!!!!!!!

>recently rhizome claimed to have opened the artbase for software
>artworks. however, they are still refusing to include            .
>this is the second time. i suspect fear of superior non .gov funded
>art projects.
>what do you think?

i feel first impressions are impressively thought out

i haven't the impetus to expose rhizome to diversity
mais ____... if you or 01 other does +
are very health!!!!!!!!! i'll listen.

should i like it finance i shall.

on the other hand komponent rhizome will
bury itself - may wait if life permits.

>i suspect 

it does.

>fear of superior 

exotic konektion with our s e nn s e s

>non .gov funded
>art projects.

on the basis of these suspicions 
and given the repertoire of m9nd states

i recommend the konstruktion of a world ...

matters 2 konsider
... alex galloway is not an attractive kriiiiket. 
[unkind am negatively being for it is true - truth lovely is isn't it +?
- how true how true how true whispered the multitude + drank 2|@ heallllllth]

but most humans equally attractive are 
hence ...

the konstruktion of a world ...

nn - i have purchased 01 .ru cosmonaut suit [cest vrai cest vrai ___...
                                                   tzo ! kan leave  d!sz uorld beh!nd
                                                       |  uear no 1 knouz m! name


             \            \/       i should like to be a human plant
            \/       __
                                   i will shed leaves in the shade
        \_\                        because i like stepping on bugs

Netochka Nezvanova         

   n  r  .   5        !!!
*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*-- --*--*--*--*--*--*--

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