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[Nettime-bold] POSSIBLY Incomplete Message: posts on nettime

David, Geert

I dont seem to be able to post to nettime anymore, why you think is that?
I agree, sometimes my posts are delirious so I dont have a problem, other
I am just trying to participate in the conversation, and I have some
important things to say

Who is the moderator , and what is his game, and why? 
I am glad that you realised that tactical media networks are ridden with
the mother blasters



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RE:     Re: <nettime> Islam and Tactical Media on Amsterdam Cable


I replied to David's post yesterday precisely with the offer of making more
space for tactical media issues
on our site, content-wire 

Although I am still struggling against economic realities and have long
abandoned politics, I feel strongly that it is time for every individual to
take action, as you suggest, independently, locally, within their means, in
order to establish communication, solidarity and positive action from all
sides. All human resources should be devoted to this affect.

My involvement in  tactical media is that I set up my own publishing house
devolved to the study of technology and economics and social interaction,
our ultimate goal is to optimize evolution of humans on this planet.
I know, its sounds far out, but far out indeed it is

I know all too well about the media grip on the economy, and the misery and
destruction that arise from ingnorance - and simply decided to do something
about it, thanks to the internet this is now possible.

We call that direct representation too, and institutional systems should
make room for taking direct representation into account in their
administrative processes  too.

I would like to make a couple of comments from what I learn.

Nothing is in itself good, nor bad, right or 

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