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[Nettime-bold] RE: <nettime> clean wash

think it would be of interest that one of last year's heavy debates in
austria delt another quote of the internationally well known austrian
politician called jörg haider.

the head of the austrian jewish union is called ariel muzicant. haider
once commented on the financial backgrounds of muzicant saying that he
couldn't believe a man named ariel has such a dirty  record. (ariel is
the name of a well known cleaning agent trademark in austria)

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Full page add in belgian left liberal daily paper
de Morgen (the Morning), on Eastern Saturday:

a fist holding up a blood covered palestinian
shawl, against a black background,
with the question:

"How can Ariel wash this clean?"

(OK translation not optimal, but the Dutch/
Flemish sentence contains a double meaning:
both 'clean the wash' and 'set things straight'

I really thought I was dealing with a professional
subversive detergent add, but Israel's premier
Sharons first name is also Ariel and the add is
a call for peace from the Belgian NGO-world.



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